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Your Life Is a Lie; All Fruit Loops Colors Taste the Same

Today in devastating news from Time Magazine's Department of Shitting on Everything You Hold Near and Dear: Every flavor of Fruit Loops taste the same. 

Rappers And Cereal Has Officially Won The Internet Photoshop Game

Start your morning with Snoop Loops, 2 Grainz, Rice Rickies, Jigga Jacks: the breakfast of champions.

Cap’N Crunch May Not Be a REAL Captain, CNN Reports

Big, if true.

New Cereal Called ‘Sex Cereal’ Claims to Make You Want to Have More Sex, Booze Also Still Works

WOO HOO! Boner granola! Love it. Want it. Let's eat some trailmix and fuck, baby! 

The Lucky Charms ‘Magically Delicious’ Remix Will Rot Your Teeth and Ears

I really thought I’d hate this. I was wrong.

Why Doesn’t This Rap Tribute to Cinnamon Toast Crunch Have a Million Hits on YouTube?

If Mac Lethal's rap about flipping pancakes can get 24 million views on YouTube, what's holding back this rap tribute to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the greatest

Here’s a Giant Portrait of Anthony Davis Made Out of Cereal

There are starving people all over the world, but who gives a flying f*ck when excess food can be used to make a portrait of