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Taylor Swift Looked G-O-O-D Good Last Night

Real good.

BroBible Reader Asks: ‘Is It Just Me or Is Britney Spears Getting Hotter’


Shia LaBeouf Not In Rehab, But IS Being Treated For Alcoholism

But has yet to seek treatment for his "being a weird dick" condition.

Watch Rick Ross Take it to a TMZ Camera Guy

THE BOSS. That's how it's done. 

10 Teeth-Shattering Things You Didn’t Know About Martial Arts

Every day we wake to the sun in our eyes and a desire to see someone's ass kicked with karate in our hearts. Martial arts

Miley Cyrus Has a Shocking New Haircut

Over the past couple years, Miley Cyrus matured into quite a hot young lady. However, she may have undone all that hard work yesterday.

Erin Andrews Apparently Doing Her Sideline Reporting Into Chace Crawford’s Ear

Erin Andrews is not the pageview-machine that she used to be, but she’s still extremely gorgeous. That’s why it’s just not right that her talents