Ellen Page

Ellen Page Comes Out Because Certain Celebrity Websites Are Massive Dicks


Last night, Juno and Inception star Ellen Page proudly announced she's gay.

worst celebrity bodies

The worst celebrity bikini bodies


Summer is now officially over, so what better way to celebrate than with a gallery of all the celebrities we never want to see in bikinis again.

woody allen movies

Supercut: Actors in Woody Allen movies before they were famous


Woody Allen has launched more actors' careers than you know.


The 50 Greatest Celebrity Mug Shots of All Time


Late Tuesday night, country singer Randy Travis was arrested and jailed for a DWI.

Tanning mom

Calm Down, You Won’t See the Tanning Bed Mom in Playboy


Playboy, like the rest of us, has no interest in seeing the infamous New Jersey tanning mom naked.

Viral videos

Help Us Pick the Bro of the Week


Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty.

Pete Rose

The 15 Biggest Degenerate Celebrity Gamblers (Part 2)


Click here to see the first part of the 15 biggest degenerate celebrity gamblers.


VIDEO: Justin Bieber got hit in the head with a water bottle


I'm pretty content with the fact that the latest Justin Bieber viral videos involve him getting blunt force trauma to the head.

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