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Leonardo DiCaprio And Justin Bieber Reportedly Partied Together And I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little


Not gonna lie: I hope this is just stupid tabloid bullshit where every truth is stretched to its limit in the hopes that a “juicy” story will prompt people to buy shitty gossip magazines.

emma watson

Is Emma Watson Dating Prince Harry?


Prince Harry might be getting himself some Emma Watson.

hot or not

Watch A Bunch Of Straight Guys Rate Male Celebrities As ‘Hot’ Or ‘Not’


Have you ever wondered if Michael Fassbender would be considered “hot” or “not” by your straight male counterparts.

leonardo dicaprio

REPORT: Leonardo DiCaprio Leaves A Miami Club With 20 Girls To Party Back At His Place


I don't really understand the point of Art Basel other than it being an excuse for celebrities to go to Miami and one-up each other in the gossip blogs.


Paul Rudd’s Yearbook Photo From The 1980’s Shows He Was Always A Goofy Dude With Zero Fucks To Give


If there was an "All-Around Bro" award to be given out then Paul Rudd would be the winner every year until he died, and at that point he would be given the award posthumously.

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