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Australian Hockey Player Celebrates Game-Winning Goal by Sliding on His Head

Then again, that's like staying on your feet in the Southern Hemisphere.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Scored a Goal, Put On a Spider-Man Mask

That's a solid celebration.

Ivory Coast Goalie Boubacar Barry’s Grass-Eating Celebration Was Quite Fun

It does look delicious.

Colombia’s Soccer Team Is Good at Soccer, Dancing

Solid moves.

Miguel Herrera Turned In an Insane Celebration After Mexico Scored

The joy.

Drew Doughty’s Reaction to Reaching the Stanley Cup Final Was Pretty Hilarious

He felt like a room without a roof.

I Can’t Stop Watching Russell Westbrook’s Swaggy Three-Point Celebration

Cool guy.

Cyclist Wins Race, Eats Pavement During Celebration


Cyclist Eloy Teruel Celebrates Victory Too Early, Costs Himself Victory

Happens to a lot of guys.

Ole Miss Baseball Player Knows the Key to Any Good Celebration is Pretending That You’re Being Showered in Jizz

Ole Miss' Catcher, Will Allen, gets it. Kid is wise beyond his years.

Michael Jordan Sank a Chip Shot, Was Quite Pleased With Himself

Be like Mike.

The NFL Has Banned Crossbar Dunking

Knock it off.

Colby College’s Basketball Team is Really Good at Sitting on the Bench

Sideline swag.

Italian Soccer Player Celebrates Goal By Headbutting Glass, Gets Red Card

After scoring the world’s easiest goal, this Italian striker eschewed the congratulations of teammates and made a beeline for a […]

Ken Duke Loses His Mind After Hitting a Hole-in-One

Ken Duke sank a hole-in-one on the par-3 No. 17 at the Humana Challenge on Sunday. He then took a moment to celebrate -- or

Team Wins Korean Series, Celebrates in Awesome Fashion

This is pretty incredible. When players win the World Series, a full-scale mob immediately forms and the emotion is ratcheted up to 11. Things work

This Free-Kick Goal Took Plenty of Planning, Was Celebrated Vigorously

A futsal team wearing pink running trick plays and celebrating without conscience? Literally all of my favorite things in one place. 

Jonny Gomes Celebrated Boston’s Division Title by PUNTING Beers Into Fenway Crowd

On Friday night, the Boston Red Sox clinched an unexpected American League East division title. The bearded band of misfits celebrated like it was 2004.

Here’s an Important FIFA 14 Celebration Tutorial

Why even play sports video games if you can’t taunt your opponent with over-the-top celebrations? It’s not enough to win – it’s important to make

Shrieking Male Chicago Blackhawks Fan Can’t Believe What Just Happened

This guy is billed as the “Biggest Blackhawks Fan.” We don’t know if that title is accurate, but we’re pretty sure he’s the Most Shrieky.

Coastal Carolina is Very, Very Excited to Be in the NCAA Baseball Tournament

Like, more excited than anyone of us here has been about anything. Good for them.C

Joe Nathan’s Pissed-Off Celebration is Quite Amusing

Texas Rangers closer Joe Nathan notched his eighth save of the young season last night in Minnesota. Along the way, though, he gave up a

Russian Hockey Team Has Chilling ‘Firing Squad’ Celebration

Kazzinc Torpedo Ust-Kamenogorsk is a Kazakhstani hockey team. I don’t know much about them except that they have an absolutely unbelievable postgame celebration. It involves

Here’s a Goosebump-Inducing Video of Kentucky Students Celebrating Their National Title

Chills. Of all the reasons to love sports, getting to experience the feeling these students exude is possibly the best.

Someone Finally Got Around to Making a Mash-Up of All the Stjarnan F.C. Goal Celebrations

Remember last July when Iceland's Stjarnan F.C. caught the entire Internet's attention for a hot second with this ridiculous fishing-themed goal celebration? It