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Every Bro On Twitter Fell In Love with CBS Sports Hottie Allie LaForce Tonight

If you watched the broadcast of the New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts game, you probably noticed CBS Sports rolling out its latest shining star, Allie LaForce. Only 25

Start Your Masters Thursday with a Couple of Bros Playing the Theme and Doing Their Best Jim Nantz

This video is like three years old. I don't care. Today is Masters Thursday, which means I'm technically allowed to bring back any old thing

‘CSI: Miami’ Canceled; Here’s 7 Minutes of Bad David Caruso One-Liners

Today is a very tough day for fans of police drama, one-liners, and screeching. “CSI: Miami” has been canceled. The drama lasted 10

In Case You Missed It, Here’s ‘One Shining Moment’

You’ll hear a lot about how this NCAA tournament was bereft of buzzer-beaters. It was not, however, without some amazing and emotional moments.

Watch the Trailer for ‘A Game Of Honor’ About The U.S. Military Academy and The U.S. Naval Academy

The match-up between The United States Military Academy and The United States Naval Academy -- the Army-Navy Game -- is one of the

CBS Interviews Game, Hilarity Ensues

In a flagrant attempt to hype the release of his latest project The R.E.D. Album, rapper Game found himself in a bit of trouble after

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Brutally Sexually Assaulted, Beaten in Egypt

Yikes, terrible news in the wake of the otherwise jubilant Egypt uprising last week. CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan is now in a U.S.