bro cats

‘Bro Cats’ May Be An Oxymoron, But Here We Are With This Glorious Video Of Cats Being Bro As Hell


Here I thought dogs were the most bro of the animal kingdom, but these cats high-fiving, fist-bumping, playing sports and working out with their fellow human bros make me now realize that dogs have some serious competition from the feline world.

instant karma

Man Kicks Cat, Gets Hit With Falling Karma Bombs


Here we have a man who so desperately wants to play his guitar that he's willing to toss his cat out of his seat and then kick it out of the frame.

snoop cat

This Cat Might Be The Chilliest Living Thing On The Entire Planet


I'm the first to admit that cats, for the most part, suck.

cats suck

Vomiting Cat Hilariously Videobombs A Half Naked Hot Chick In A Massage Video


Nothing like a nice, relaxing massage to calm the old nerves.


Watch This Dog Shovel Snow. Stop. Realize How Fucking Stupid Cats Are.

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The upper-half of North America is covered in leftover snow from polar vortex after vortex, and cats don't seem to be doing a ding-dangity-dong thing about it.


This Video Of ‘Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers’ Is Further Proof Felines Are Cold And Soulless


Cats are about as American as borscht and caviar, and they have the emotional range of Vladimir Putin.

badass cats

Here’s A Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion, Because It’s A Goddamn Cat Catching A Snowball In Slow-Motion


#DeathStorm2K15 may be hitting much of America but this cat gives no fucks as he skies like Odell Beckham, Jr.

break the internet

Cats And Boobs, Two Of The Internet’s Favorite Things, Get Combined Into One Video


I always knew that cats were closet perverts and this Internet-ready video of cats massaging and nuzzling women's boobs proves it.

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