cats in zero gravity video

Zero gravity cats is a thing that happened


This being the Internet I am surprised that I am just now discovering a video of cats in zero gravity.

feline escape artist

Cats truly DGAF, and this escape artist cannot be contained


Cats are known for their attitude of giving zero fux, and this video of a cat freakishly opening doors is further proof they're only concerned with their own agendas.

map of every cat in the world

‘I Know Where Your Cat Lives’—definitive proof that cat people are creepy


We all know that cats rule the Internet because 'cat people' tend to be introverted and don't go outside as often.

ninja cat

This cat stealing fish filets from a freezer is a goddamn ninja


I've seen animals, especially cats, do some amazing things in my life, but the lengths to which this cat goes to and the skills it uses to steal fish filets from the freezer are phenomenal.


‘Pets Interrupting Yoga’ reminds us that your best friend can also be your worst enemy


When you become a pet owner the concept of 'me time' goes right out the window, as we see here in this compilation of pets adorably interrupting yoga.

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