cats suck

‘Cats Vs. Christmas Trees’ Compilation Once Again Proves Cats Are Just Giant Dicks


Every year people put up their Christmas trees, take great pains to decorate it, put lights on it, and do their best to make them look as nice and festive as possible.

senior portraits

Remember That Kid Who Wanted His Cat In His Senior Photo? His Principal Joined Him With Her Own Pet


Earlier this month we brought you the story of Draven Rodriguez, a kid with the simple request of having his senior portrait include his cat, Mr.


What If Cats Said ‘Hey’ Instead Of ‘Meow’?


If cat's said 'hey' instead 'meow' we'd be living in a world without cats pretty quickly, because while they're already insufferable this would put them over the top.


Behold! A Country Song About A Bro Who Loves Going Home After A Hard Day’s Work To Be With His Cat


YouTube I don't know if this is an ad for Meow Mix (it's on their channel) or a weird way of saying "what bro doesn't love cuddling up next to some [ENTER ANOTHER WORD FOR CAT HERE] after a long day harvesting the crops.

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