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Does Your State Love Cats or Dogs? This Map Delivers the Harsh Reality

This map is officially under protest.

Tomcat Cruise, AKA Feline Ethan Hunt, Breaks Into Freezer to Steal Fish Fillets

Fishin Impossible.

Taylor Swift Devolves Further Into Undateability, Adopts Second Cat

It gets worse.

Dude, This Cat Can Play Jenga

Better than the average human.

Here’s What Happens When a Cat Tries to Throw a First Pitch

Better than Baba Booey's though.

VIDEO: Amazing Cat Saves Boy From Attacking Dog

Supercat, protector of the realm.

VIDEO: Just a Cat Running Full Speed Into a Glass Door

Stupid cat is entertaining.

Man Forced to Babysit Girlfriend’s Cat, Has It Star in Hilariously Weird Music Video

This video—which popped up on Reddit last night—is seriously well done.

These Adorable Kittens Suck at DJing (Video)

I bet they love DeadMau5. Get it? Dead Mouse.

This Skateboarding Cat Is the Hero the Internet Needs

Animal tricks.

Machine Gun Kitty Is the Cat That Sounds Like a Machine Gun

It's a cat. And a gun. Cat gun.

This Cat Is Purrrrrrty Good at Ping-Pong

Cats are the divas of animals, but this is more fun that watching a cat play with a laser pointer. Look at how much fun

Carlos Beltran Painted His Face Like a Cheetah, Rode a Roller Coaster

Mr. October.

Family Taken Hostage by 22-Pound Cat, Forced to Call 911 for Help

Here is the story of a family and its 22-pound cat, who nearly killed them all.

‘Jurassic Park’s’ Most Harrowing Scene Gets a Lot More Terrifying When You Add Cats

Cats as dinosaurs is surprisingly scary.

Remember That Cat with Two Legs? Here Are Awesome Videos of It Being Awesome

It's back. In streaming media form.

‘Total Frat Cat’ Is a Frattiest Cat On Instagram

Did you ever wonder what it’d be like if your cat was a Sperry-wearing, Natty-pounding fratdaddy fratstar? If you answered “yes” to […]

Cats Puking Set to Techno Beats Is All You Could Want in an Internet Video

This is just so goddamn perfect. The convulsing of cats as they try to vomit up hairballs matches perfectly with […]

Woman Disowns Cat For ‘Being Gay’

I’m skeptical about the authenticity of this article but if Nigeria’s "Most Influential Newspaper" is willing to report on it, well, when have Nigerian’s ever

South African Bro Captures Amazing GoPro Footage of Lions Because He’s Best Friends with Them

This is so badass. Kevin Richardson is known as "The Lion Whisperer" and has a pretty unreal relationship with these big, beautiful cats. GoPro gave him a

Weatherman Mistakes Cat Vomit for Grape Nuts, Eats it on Air

Scot Haney is a weatherman for CBS’ Hartford affiliate. But he’ll be forever known as the guy who ate cat puke on the air.

Man Walks Down Street With Live Cat on Head, Confuses BroBible Team

This gentleman wandered near BroBible HQ full of life and enjoying the hell out of a picturesque autumn day in New York City. For reasons

Wait for the Drop: ‘Dubstep Cat’ Is Hilarious

This is so unreasonably stupid, but we can't stop laughing: A cat dances to Skrillex and Benny Benassi's "Cinema." Somehow, his owner isn't killed in

Soldier Returns to Cat After Six Months Overseas, in Faith-Restoring Video

These videos always really tug the heartstrings, you know? A soldier gone away to do his duty, his pet dutifully waiting at home for his

Zach Randolph is Afraid of Cats

I will never, ever understand how a human could possibly prefer a cat to a dog. Memphis Grizzlies big man Zach Randolph doesn’t understand it

Drunk Dude Sings ‘Kiss From A Rose’ To His Cat

Here's some footage of the good old, "lie facedown on your kitchen floor, sing 90's songs to your cat, and then pass out" postgame ritual.

World’s Fattest Cat Will Not Be Made Into a Helicopter Any Time Soon

More weird pet news today: A cat named Garfield has laid claim to the title of "Fattest Cat in the World," tipping the scales at

Mad Scientist Turns Dead Cat Into Helicopter

Some have said the Internet was created to post cute cat videos. This is not one of those videos.

Video: Dubstep DJ Kitty Is Real and Awesome

Confession: I've watched this stupid video at least five times today. I can't stand cats. But, this is special. Somewhere, deep down inside,

Love It or Hate It, the ‘I’m A Stupid F***ing Cat Song’ Is Catchy As H**L

FINALLY: A catchy cat video destine for millions of YouTube hits has hit the Internet for people who loathe cat videos. Hallelujah! All