tinder fail

Some Dude Hacked Tinder And Now Bros Are Getting Catfished Into Hitting On Other Bros


A California-based programmer has hacked Tinder's API and created a 'catfishing' like machine that's setting bros up with bros, only the bros think they're talking to women.


This could be the most ridiculous cat video in the illustrious history of internet cat videos


The internet was made for Russian dashcam videos, babies laughing videos and cat videos.


Someone Catfish Me, Please!


The term "catfishing" as I understand it is a fairly recent expression used to describe someone who fabricates an online presence usually in an attempt to engage in a romantic relationship, but can be traced back to the days of accidentally eating a cinnamon jellybean that you so truly believed to be cherry.


Mom catfishes her own daughter, whips her for good measure


As mentioned yesterday, parenting is tough in this digital age.

Michigan catfished players

Michigan catfished their own players


When it came to catfishing, University of Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon was way ahead of the game.

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