Amusing catfight goes next level with greatest moment in GIF history


As far as lady brawls in the middle of the street go, this one was very meh.

Chicago Bulls

The catfight behind the Bulls bench may have involved Carlos Boozer’s girlfriend


The Chicago Bulls were quite terrible last night, managing only 11 points in an abysmal 3rd quarter performance.

Jim Ross dub videos

NBA catfight during Blazers-Rockets game gets Jim Ross, WWE treatment


So The Big Lead unearthed this comical brawl between a bunch of female fans at a Rockets-Blazers game.

Hawks game fight

Hawks-Magic game features brutal catfight in the stands


Two women in extremely different weight classes went boob-to-boob Saturday night during the Magic-Hawks game.


Classy catfight in Wrigleyville


Here's video of a bunch of classy broads wrestling in the streets of Wrigleyville.

intersection fight

Watch This Drunk Girl Royal Rumble in the Middle of the Street


Generally speaking girl fights are lack the ferocity of male fights and end up being a hair-pulling fest.


Let’s Watch a Girl Get Her Face Bashed In by Another Girl


If you ever needed evidence that it's extremely dangerous to steal a teenage girl's Justin Bieber poster, this video shows the wrath that an angry, young girl can have.

subway videos

Crazy Catfight in NYC Subway


It's a day ending in "Y," so you know what that means -- time for another New York City subway fight.


Women’s Bathroom Scuffle at Texas-OU Game Escalates into Epic Cat Fight


[inline:vid2] In yesterday's Evening Roundup, we gave you a link to a fight between two University of Texas lady fans in line at the bathroom of the UT-Oklahoma game.

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