Girl Twerks Her Heart Out In Front Of A Completely Unmoved Cat


This video's about to launch a heated debate on just what exactly constitutes 'twerking'.


Russia Has Turned This Cat In To A Dragon And It’s Time To Bomb The Kremlin


If there's one thing we here in America do NOT tolerate it's abuse to animals.

map of every cat in the world

‘I Know Where Your Cat Lives’—definitive proof that cat people are creepy


We all know that cats rule the Internet because 'cat people' tend to be introverted and don't go outside as often.

New Zealand

Cat survives over a year on nothing but McDonald’s


I said I'd never cover cats on the internet, but this isn't your average feline getting famous for having a poorly arranged face.

silly cats

New Meme You Should Know: First World Problems Cat


In today's New Meme You Should Know we take a closer look at a relatively under-appreciate meme that's been around for a little while know, First World Problems Cat.

Snow White GIF

GIFterpiece Theatre: Jessica Alba, Snow White, and more!


Welcome to GIFterpiece Theatre--Guyism's daily installment of the internet's best GIFs.


VIDEO: Feisty Cat B*tch-Slaps Two Alligators


Look, I'm the last person to post anything related to cats, but this video is all kinds of crazy and is going viral: somewhere down in Louisiana, a very brave cat manages to b*tch-slap not one but two alligators.

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