turtle attacks cat

A Turtle Attacked A Cat In The Cutest Way Possible – BONUS: ‘Move Bitch Get Out The Way’ Remix


People like to collect animals and have them in their house like they're recreating some lame version of Noah's Ark.

Turn Down For What

Two kittens dancing to ‘Turn Down For What’ is your Friday jam


If you've had a rough week, or just need some inspiration for the upcoming weekend, party kittens Tulip and Daisy jamming to "Turn Down For What" by Lil Jon will be exactly what you need.

rapping cat

Cat rapping Busta Rhymes is the new llama frolicking to DMX


Last month we saw a Vine of a llama frolicking to DMX blow up the Internet.

YouTube comments

Below the Video: The weird world of YouTube comments


You may be already be familiar with some of gems you can find hidden below the fold on the world’s third largest Web site, YouTube, but if you’re not don’t despair.

stupid cats

Love It or Hate It, the ‘I’m A Stupid F***ing Cat Song’ Is Catchy As H**L


FINALLY: A catchy cat video destine for millions of YouTube hits has hit the Internet for people who loathe cat videos.

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