Super Car

Two McLaren Supercars Battle On The Track And They Sound Like Scar vs. Simba In The Battle For Pride Rock


The McLaren F1 GTR will forever be one of the most revered supercars ever made.

how to parallel park

Don’t Be That Guy Who Holds Up Traffic: How To Parallel Park Perfectly, Every Single Time


Knowing how to parallel park perfectly is a skill a lot of people take for granted.


Aston Martin’s $2.33 Million, 800HP Vulcan Super Car Throws Flames And Is Officially INSANE


If there is just one car that I want Jeremy Clarkson to take for a drive RIGHT THIS SECOND, it's Aston Martin's flashy new big boy toy, The Vulcan.

craigslist ad of the day

Man Selling His 2001 Ford Escape On Craigslist Uses Unconventional Sales Technique Of Calling It A ‘Piece Of Shit’


If you were trying to sell a yellow, 2001 Ford Escape on Craigslist how would you go about doing it.


This Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Gallardo Sounds Like Two Velociraptors Just Discovered BDSM Sex


This Lamborghini Gallardo was overhauled by Reiter Engineering, remade with carbon fiber to be lighter and faster than any other Lamborghini Gallardo on the market.


Watch This Female Stunt Driver Play ‘Dumb Blonde’ With Blind Dates, Then Scare Them Shitless With Tricks In A Mustang

By | 4 Comments

Looks can be deceiving, so going on a date with what seems to be a dumb blonde and then having her whip you around in her mustang would probably make you question your sanity, or at least make you think she’s the worst/luckiest driver in the world for not wrecking the car.


PICS: Woman DESTROYS Cheating Husband’s $130,000 Audi R8

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and, boy, was this woman scorned.


Watch A Douchebag In A Ferrari Cause A Nissan GT-R To Crash After Cutting Him Off


How pissed would you be if you were the dude cruising along in the Nissan GT-R.


WATCH: Ken Block Gives Us A Ride In His Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX At The X Games


Rally car driver Ken Block is a legendary figure to Bros around the world.

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