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Little Kid Loses His Shit Over the Panthers Releasing Steve Smith

I did the same thing when Michael Jordan retired for the first time.

I Wonder If the Concussion Cam Newton Got Contributed to His Interception

Cam Newton just threw a season-ending interception.

Colin Kaepernick Just Trolled Cam Newton With This TD Celebration (GIF)

That is the Superman celebration made famous by... Superman, but then later made famous by Cam Newton. 

Who’s Superman Now? Ahmad Brooks Goes Flying Over Cam Newton (GIF)

This is how you don't time a snap count. 

Today’s Trumpet National Anthem Was the Best National Anthem

This is Jesse McGuire, fucking killing it this afternoon, with his rendition of the National Anthem. Video comes from Kami Mattioli, who is on the sidelines. 

Cam Newton Just Changed the Cleat Game with These Custom Superhero Shoes

Cam Newton is no stranger to custom cleats. 

Ric Flair Is Getting Death Threats From Carolina Panthers Fans

Carolina Panthers fans are none to happy that “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is giving pep talks and support to another NFC team. Flair is

Kraken. Hogwarts.

Drew Brees may have been too much for the Panthers last night, but Greg Hardy won Best SNF Intro... Ever. Donning stunna shades and a

New England Patriots Lose on Controversial Call, Tom Brady Berates Refs

Last night’s Carolina Panthers-New England Patriots game was decided on a controversial call. Against all odds, the call did not go in Tom Brady’s favor.

Cam Newton Just Had a Juke Party and Everyone Was Invited (GIF)

Cam just went HAM on this play, juking everyone on New England's defense. Here it is in GIF form. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Cannon Scared the Hell Out of Cam Newton

Cam Newton is in his third season as an NFL quarterback and visits division foe Tampa Bay every season. But he’s still a little surprised

Steve Smith is the Best Hothead in the NFL

During yesterday's St. Louis-Carolina matchup, Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins livened up an otherwise painful game by broaching smack talk's big no-no—the wife and kids—to Steve Smith. Smith was livid in the

Mike Tolbert’s Touchdown Dance is Extremely Sexual

Mike Tolbert caught a shovel pass from Cam Newton and scampered into the end zone for a touchdown. Then he did this, which was either

Cam Newton Has Superman Cleats

What a beacon of humility! We’ll see if the Seattle Seahawks defense packed any kryptonite for the trip down to Charlotte.

Carolina Panthers’ DeAngelo Williams and Five Teammates Sing Temptations’ Song in a Waffle House

Not everyday that we post a Waffle House video where fat chicks aren't beating the shit out of each other as their gelatin flows out

Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Holy hell, does tonight’s game ever suck! Two terrible teams, the Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers, will try to avoid further embarrassment on national television.

Watch Steve Smith Spend 9 Seconds Contemplating the Murder of ESPN’s Chris Connelly

Steve Smith is a talented wide receiver and a complicated man. He's donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities over his career, and he's

Carolina Panthers Center Ryan Kalil Takes Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad Promising Super Bowl Victory

No pressure, Cam Newton, but that guy whose ass you stick your hands under just wrote a check you probably can’t cash.

Bucs Coach Sends His Own Player Home

When players get themselves into trouble the referee may eject the troublesome player out of the game, but here's a case of a