car crashes

Guy Passes Out While Driving His Car On The Highway, Crashes Into Everything In Sight

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Anyone who has ever driven a car for a long period of time or at night has, at some point, probably come close to nodding off.


Watch A Douchebag In A Ferrari Cause A Nissan GT-R To Crash After Cutting Him Off


How pissed would you be if you were the dude cruising along in the Nissan GT-R.

car crashes

VIDEO: NJ Driver Captures INSANE Moment Tractor Trailer Loses Control On Black Ice And Skids Into The Other Lane


The ice storm that wrecked havoc on the Northeast on Sunday was awful, creating treacherous conditions on some of the country's busiest highways.


This Guy Fled His Own Car Crash Because He Couldn’t Handle His Girlfriend Bitching Him Out From The Passenger Seat


Here’s a hot piece of information for all the Bros out there who are so terrified of their girlfriend’s wrath that they routinely avoid them at all costs: Dump ‘em.

car crashes

Watch A Woman In A Stolen Car Knock Down A Whole Fucking Building During A Car Chase


A woman in Kansas City stole a car last week and in the midst of a high speed chase with police she ran over a fire hydrant, lost control of the vehicle, and then somehow managed to level a freaking building that was being used for storing vintage cars.

time wasters

Watching A GIANT Pothole Completely Destroy A Cement Truck Is A Solid Way To Waste A Minute Of Your Life


Do you ever have those days where you're basically just waiting until it's time to go to bed so you can start the next day.


None Of These People Died When This Race Car Flew Off Course Directly At Them, But I Bet They All Shit Their Pants


These people watching the 2014 Jolly Rally Valle d'Aosta should be thanking their lucky stars that this wasn't their own, personal Final Destination movie.


Hotel Valet Destroys a $500,000 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder In a Matter of Seconds


Next time you're having a bad day, remember that it's no where near as bad as this Indian hotel valet's day.

Video games

Lawyer Blames Those Darn Video Games for Car Crashes and Stuff


South Dakota trial lawyer Scott Hoy is very upset.


Watch a 50-Car Pileup Along a Wisconsin Freeway


On two narrow lanes of Highway 41/45 outside Germantown, Wisconsin on Sunday, more than 50 cars crashed into each other over a five-minute period.


Nate Burleson Breaks Arm Protecting His Pizza


We have ALL been there before; driving home, anxious to get the pizza we just picked up on to our table, while the topping are still hot and the crust hasn't dissolved into a soggy mess.

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