If You Drive Like A Moron You Better Expect Instant Karma


This is one of those rarest of videos, in which we see an idiot with a dashcam driving like a complete moron, put everyone on the road in danger, get served instant karma, AND THEN upload the video of them looking like an idiot to YouTube.


Florida woman learns the hard way she isn’t Cinderella, causes mayhem


Listen ladies, no matter how deep your princess fantasy runs you need to remember one thing: you cannot control birds with your whistling.

racing crash near miss

POV: This is what it looks like to nearly get decapitated by a race car


Ever wondered what it might like look if a race car jumped over year head, nearly taking your precious skull along with it.

car crash

Watch this car crash through a coffee house, then back out, hoping no one saw


The nice people at Kinley’s House Coffee & Teas in El Paso, Texas were just enjoying an afternoon of dark roast and Sudoku when BOOM.

expensive cars

If you’re renting a $180K ride for your birthday, don’t crash it into a building like this moron


If it's your birthday, it's totally fine to spend money on gifts like massages, hookers and rented expensive cars but just make sure you ask for the happy ending, wear a condom and don't crash the damn car into a building.

tokyo drift

Montage of ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise car crashes


If NASCAR has tough us anything, it's that people love car crashes.

Rush trailer

‘Rush’ trailer: Thor and cars, together at last


All of these movies are named "Rush" or have "Rush" in the title but none of them are about the band.

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