car crashes

Watch A Woman In A Stolen Car Knock Down A Whole Fucking Building During A Car Chase


A woman in Kansas City stole a car last week and in the midst of a high speed chase with police she ran over a fire hydrant, lost control of the vehicle, and then somehow managed to level a freaking building that was being used for storing vintage cars.


Watch This High-Speed Chase Where CHAINSAWS Get Hurled At Police And Be Glad You’re Not A Cop


We’ve gotten to the point in society where high-speed chases are boring.

Car chases

Rose McGowan’s Car Chase From ‘Chosen’ Is Mega Intense


Attention Bros: As you know, we've been hyping Crackle's badass action series Chosen mega hard over the past few weeks.

motorcycle racing

Watch an Audi 8 Race Two Street Bikes at 180 MPH


Just a casual afternoon drive, pushing 180 MPH on the highways of Rio de Janeiro.

topless criminals

Woman leads cops on topless car chase


Who doesn't like to drive with their top down.

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