road rage

Watch This Severely Pissed Off Guy Smash His Audi Into Another Car Just To Screw With People


Road rage isn't something to fuck around with because it takes sane, normal human beings and turns them into impulsive lunatics.


Watch This Ninja Save A Vintage Mustang From Near Total Destruction


Some people cannot take care of their nice things, and other people treat the most menial of objects as priceless artifacts.


This Advertising Campaign Got Pulled From The Streets After Causing Over 500 Car Accidents In ONE Day


You know you have a good advertising campaign when people are literally crashing into each other while trying to slow down and stare at it for more than a fleeting glance while driving down the road.


We’ve Found One of the Worst Ways for a Threesome to End


Maybe find a better place to park next time.


Guy miraculously survives without injury after flying off an icy Minnesota bridge in his car


There's lucky and then there's SOARING off an icy Minnesota bridge and somehow landing without dying.


Chicago Hit-and-Run Situation Gets Out of Hand Rather Quickly


There was a bit of trouble up in Chicago’s Lake View area last week after a dude smacked into a cab and didn’t feel like sticking around.

pop stars

Justin Bieber Involved in Hit-and-Run, Paparazzo Injured


Justin Bieber continued his long tradition of driving drama late last night in Hollywood.

sports bars

Truck Destroys Sports Bar, Everyone Inside Cheats Death


The regulars at Gordie’s Place, the quietest little sports bar in Little Canada, Minn.


Driver Watches Mack Truck Rollover and Then Crash Into His Car


I've got to hand it to the driver of the car for not rendering himself sh*tless after a Mack Truck came charging at him, but also because after the crash happened, he really showed his true colors by checking the front of his car for damage and then refused to help the truck driver that was still trapped in his truck.

old people driving

Old Lady Accidentally Drives Car 50 mph Through a Grocery Store and Hits 10 People


Apparently this 76-year-old lady didn't fall asleep at the wheel or have a medical emergency when she sent her car flying through a Publix grocery store in Florida, hitting and injuring 10 people (that you'll be amazed didn't die after you see this).


Want to See What the Most Expensive Car Crash Looks Like?


Caution: This video is very graphic and disturbing for those who may have had or still have posters of Ferraris and/or Lambroginis hanging in their bedrooms.

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