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We’ve Found One of the Worst Ways for a Threesome to End

Maybe find a better place to park next time?

Chicago Hit-and-Run Situation Gets Out of Hand Rather Quickly

There was a bit of trouble up in Chicago’s Lake View area last week after a dude smacked into a cab and didn’t feel like

This Vine of a Truck Flying Over a Guardrail is Fucking Insane

Holy fucking truck launch! According to LSJ.com the man's truck veered into the median and then things escalated from there. If you ask me, it

Justin Bieber Involved in Hit-and-Run, Paparazzo Injured

Justin Bieber continued his long tradition of driving drama late last night in Hollywood. The headline screams he was involved in a hit-and-run crash. The

Watch a Cyclist and Driver Fiercely Clash After Accident in the U.K.

Man. After an Audi slams into a cyclist on a narrow road somewhere in the U.K., a fight erupts between the two that would be

Two Trucks Crash in Russia, Of Course One Driver Goes Through Windshield and Lands on His Feet

Is Russia trolling us? Are we to believe that awesome, unexplainable shit just keeps happening to them. Maybe they're just superior to us in roadside

Truck Destroys Sports Bar, Everyone Inside Cheats Death

The regulars at Gordie’s Place, the quietest little sports bar in Little Canada, Minn. were downing beers like any other weeknight when their drinking was

Driver Watches Mack Truck Rollover and Then Crash Into His Car

I've got to hand it to the driver of the car for not rendering himself sh*tless after a Mack Truck came charging at him, but

Old Lady Accidentally Drives Car 50 mph Through a Grocery Store and Hits 10 People

Apparently this 76-year-old lady didn't fall asleep at the wheel or have a medical emergency when she sent her car flying through a

Teen Driver Attempting Hit and Run on a Bicyclist Has Getaway Blocked by a Bus

Wait just goddamn minute here. I know hitting someone and fleeing the scene is wrong, but if you look at the camera angles,

Want to See What the Most Expensive Car Crash Looks Like?

Caution: This video is very graphic and disturbing for those who may have had or still have posters of Ferraris and/or Lambroginis hanging

This Guy Did Everything With His Fifteen Seconds of Car Accident Fame

If this is how accident victim George Lindell looks while describing a car wreck, then his "spunk's-on-its-way" face must look like a f*ckin' exorcism. I'd

56-Year Old Drunk Driver Showered Himself in Human Excrement to Throw Off Cop’s Scent

"It looks like alcohol was involved" said Longview, Washington police Sgt, Ed Jones, who also took home the coveted No F*cking Sh*t Comment of the

Two Blondes Crash a Bentley Azure Into a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin in Monaco

I promise you this isn't the set up for a lame blonde joke your uncle would tell at a picnic. Nope. This is what the

VIDEO: The Scariest POV Car Accident You’ll See Today

Here's a pants shitter for ya. Driving down the highway, videotaping your experience -- for god knows what reason -- when all of a sudden