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Apparently There Was A Shitton Wrong With ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’


Don't believe me about there being a lot wrong with Captain America: Winter Soldier, here's the video's description by CinemaSins (who do this ALL the time).

honest trailers

The Honest Trailer for ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ hits the nail on the head


Before The Winter Soldier hits theaters, revisit the first Captain America movie.

Sebastian Stan

‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ gives us 60 more seconds of what to expect in new trailer


Captain America: Winter Soldier is kicking it's marketing into high gear now so last night we got a full 60 second trailer to whet our appetites even more.

Nick Fury

New ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ TV trailer teases bad news for Fury


A lot of what's in this new Captain America: Winter Soldier TV spot we've seen, but there is one thing in that's definitely new and it doesn't sound good for Nick Fury.

the falcon

Captain America and The Falcon fight Obama in ‘Captain America 2′


Captain America: The Winter Soldier gets the Taiwanese animation treatment.

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