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The New ‘Captain America’ Trailer is Very Badass

The Winter Soldier looks extremely cool.

Watch the First Trailer for the Badass ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’

Taking up where the events of the Avengers left off, Captain America: Winter Soldier follows everyone's favorite patriotic Robocop as continues to adjust to the modern

The Heartwarming Story of Captain BroMerica

Real? Who knows. Interesting read though. Via: 

‘The Avengers’ Full Length Trailer Has Arrived

Nothing against Mark Ruffalo, but couldn't they have found a better Hulk? Is Eric Bana's career so busy that he couldn't do it?

Lego Version of Captain America Just a Bloody Mess

Growing up, my brother and I used to build epic Lego structures. Hours turned into days as we'd just keep adding and adding.

Green Lantern vs. This Summer’s Other Super Heroes: The Throwdown

This Friday, “Green Lantern,” DC’s first comic book movie of the summer, hits theaters. Vancouver pretty boy Ryan Reynolds will slip on the ring and

Full-Length ‘Captain America’ Trailer Hits the Web; Will Make You Want to Punch Terrorists

A two-and-a-half minute trailer for this summer's projected comic-to-movie blockbuster, 'Captain America,' finally hit the web this morning. It will make you want to punch