The Luckiest Kid In The World Got Meth Instead Of Candy For Halloween Until Her Buzzkill Parents Took It Away


Nothing says “Halloween” to me like “Oh hey look there’s a bag of meth in my candy sack,” just like how I consider the holiday season to be synonymous with finding used heroin needles in my stocking come Christmas morning.


Marshawn Lynch’s Body Brought to You By Skittles


Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles more than you've ever loved anything in your life.

velveeta fudge

How to make Velveeta Bacon Fudge


  I had no idea you could make fudge with cheese, but this Velveeta Bacon Fudge proves it's not only possible, but a great idea.

holiday versions of candy

Gingerbread Twix and 10 more holiday versions of your favorite candies


Tis the season to update your candy stash with some more festive sugar bombs so here are some legitimately holiday-y spins on your favorites -- some are rookies, others trusty vets, but either way you'll never be wanting for peppermint.

The Library

How to make Cookie Dough Brownie Cups


  Why choose between brownies, cookies, or candy when you can eat all three in one bite.

snickers sandwich

How to make a Snickers Croissant Panini


Epic Meal Time is great, but you'll never duplicate one of their gastrointestinal warheads.

weird flavored vodka

UV Candy Bar is dessert in a shot glass


We at Guyism don't dabble much in flavored vodkas, but the market segment is thriving.


Jolly Rancher producing the sweetest candles on Earth


Zima hasn't been produced in four years, but its partner in crime, Jolly Ranchers, is stronger than ever.


The 50 Worst Halloween Candies


As a kid, Halloween was second only to Christmas as the sickest holiday of the year.


What’s Your Favorite Easter Candy?


It's Good Friday and Easter Sunday is just two days away.

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