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Just 15 Hours a Month Talking on Your Cell Can Give You Cancer

But I like my phone.

Science Says Your Drinking Will Be the Death of You

Well. You were going to die one way or another.

Donald Sterling Has Cancer

Donald Sterling has been battling prostate cancer and has lived longer than some expected, according to a report from the […]

Today in Irony: The Tobacco Plant May Help Cure Cancer

Alanis Morrissette would be smiling from her grave right now, if she were dead.

Watch 20 Dudes Get Their Balls Waxed For a Great Cause

In case you've never filmed yourself waxing your nuts, this is what your face looks like when you pull the trigger.

Kate Upton Is Fighting Cancer By Looking Hot as Hell In a Beanie (Which You Can Buy For a Great Cause)

  I fucking hate cancer with a fire of 1000 suns, so I’m pretty excited to learn that goddess-to-all Bros, […]

Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Makes Hilarious Joke About Yadier Molina Having Cancer

Well, this is a dick move.

Today in Good News: Weed Stops Cancer

Your parents may tell you smoking pot is bad for you. Now you can tell your parents they are idiots. 

‘Dan’s Coffee Run’ Will Remind You How Good People Are

In 2006, Dan Dewey's dad contracted cancer. So Dan started bringing him coffee in the chemotherapy ward. After a while, he started bringing everyone coffee. 

Watch Memphis QB Jacob Karam Duet on Piano with a Sick Kid in Most Heartwarming Video of Day

This is really great. Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam recently visited the sick kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, met 11-year-old Breanna Bercegeay, and played

Michael Douglas Says Performing Oral Sex, Possibly on Catherine Zeta-Jones, Caused His Throat Cancer

 In an interview published today in The Guardian, Bro legend actor Michael Douglas, star of Wall Street and Basic Instinct, speaks out about his battle with

8-Year-Old Cancer Patient Scores a Touchdown to End ECU’s Spring Game

Here's something that is completely not shitty to help kick off our week after last week's utter shittiness. Noah Roberts is an 8-year-old who is

Yes! Yes! Good Guy Daniel Bryan Gets Tapped Out By a Kid with Cancer

Feel good story of the day. 

Movember Comes to a Close with an Important PSA About Prostate Cancer

All good things must come to an end. Movember, we bid you adieu. 

Lance Armstrong Steps Down as Chairman of Livestrong, Gets Dropped by Nike

This seems like the right thing to do at this point.

Taylor Swift to Take the ‘Real Superman’ to Award Show

Sweet little Taylor Swift has used her angelic voice to ask an 18-year-old New Jersey student currently battling cancer to be her date to the