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Canadian Beer Company Makes Team USA Hockey-Themed Cans

Bold move, Labatt Brewery. You're the biggest brewery in hockey-loving Canada yet you pander to us American beer drinkers with a Team USA beer cans. This feels

This GIF of Rob Ford Mocking a City Councilman For Drinking and Driving is Pure Delight

Imagine if this whole Rob Ford saga took place in another era. 

Watch Crazy Canadians Drive a Car Through an RV for Fun

Canada is the new Mississippi.

What’s Going On with the NHL Lockout? This Video Explains All

It's titled the "The NHL 2012-2013 Lockout Rant," though it really just sounds like an angry Match.com commercial. Either way, it does a solid job

Canada Remains Canada, Drunk ‘BBQ Chip Bandits’ Make News Headlines

Two girls got sh*tfaced, saw some EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME ONLY BBQ chips in a garage, and ate them. Then, the police got involved.