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This Caucasians T-Shirt is Selling Like Hot Cakes on Canadian Reserves

Caucasians have a good team.

Rob Ford, Aka Toronto’s Favorite Mayor, Is Now Beating The Shit Out Of The People He’s In Rehab With

And he didn't even say "sorry," as is Canadian law.

A Guy on Twitter Is Hiding Weed All Over Town For His Followers to Find

And these eggs aren't filled with chocolate.

29 Hospitalized at Avicii Concert in Toronto

'Hey Brother,' can you call 911.

Playoff Hockey Hype Video Will Hype You Up for Playoff Hockey

Chicken skin.

Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team Left Men’s Team this Inspirational Note Before They Tore Out Our Hearts in Today’s Semi Final

This note was left in Team Canada’s locker room today prior to their game against the U.S., which they obviously […]

Rob Ford Celebrated the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold Medal With Typical Restraint

The Canadians’ amazing gold medal victory over the United States in women’s hockey has everyone north of the border pounding […]

Punish Yourself for Being a Bad Person By Watching Canada Break America’s Heart in Dramatic Fashion

In an appetizer to tomorrow’s main course, the Canadian women staged a feverish comeback to beat the United States 3-2 […]

U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Pulled a Gordon Bombay With the Gold Medal on the Line

Leading 2-0 over Canada in the final minutes of the gold medal game, everything seemed to be going well for […]

This Girl’s Team Canada Shirt Accidentally Revealed a Sexual Secret

I mean, I don’t think she definitely likes what’s suggested below. I’m just saying her shirt indicates she might. [Via […]

Heidi Van Horny Wants to Have Sex with You and 22 Other Guys for Her Birthday

To celebrate her 23rd birthday, Heidi Van Horny wants to have sex with 23 random men. And you can apply to be one of the

Canadian Beer Company Makes Team USA Hockey-Themed Cans

Bold move, Labatt Brewery. You're the biggest brewery in hockey-loving Canada yet you pander to us American beer drinkers with a Team USA beer cans. This feels

McDonald’s in Canada Has Released McPoutine, Just in Case You Haven’t Vomited Today

That above monstrosity comes from Twitter user @The_Alex.

This Is Why You Don’t Buy Drugs on Twitter in Canada

This Tuesday, a York, Ontario man came to a distressing realization: He needed weed, and he needed it stat. And so like any good citizen

Who’s Better? Canadian Bros or American Bros? We Investigate

Last week at Osheaga, (a massive music festival in Montreal, Canada) I was tasked to ask millennial attendees, “How is a

Watch a Lunatic Drive His Jeep into a Pool

This is how you demolish an above-ground pool in Canada. It is infinitely more fun than the more traditional method of dissembling it responsibly. You

TSN Made a NHL-Flavored ‘Hangover’ Parody, and It’s Delicious

While we’re fiercely American around here, we’ve nothing but the utmost respect for our neighbors to the north. When they do something useful, we feel

3 Canadians Busted for Stealing $20 Million Worth of Maple Syrup

This is the quintessential Canadian story.

Here’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford With an Epic Football Fail

This is Toronto mayor Rob Ford falling on his ass while attempting to throw a pass yesterday. He was out doing some public relations for

Stephen Colbert Has Some Strong Words For His Canadian Haters

The Canadian press went after our man Stephen Colbert and he’s not going to take it laying down.

Vancouver Strip Club Raising a Few Eyebrows with ‘Junior’s Amateur Night’


Canadian Strip Club Offering to Pay Dancers’ College Tuition

Times are tough at Canadian strip clubs. Foreign dancers are not being issued visas by the government anymore, and the lumberjacks and Mounties that make

News FAIL: Canadian News Anchor Asks to Candoole with Weather Girl

Oh boy, awkward. Here's CTV anchor Andrew Johnson asking weather reporter Astrid Braunschmidt if she wants to "candoole." She tactfully rejects that advance. Sucks to

The Most Polite Road Rage Incident You’ll See Today

Despite what Reddit says, this video (unforunately) didn't take place in Canada. Regardless, gotta give YouTube's RlkunoFilms credit for keeping a cool head in a

In Honor of Canada Day and the 4th of July, Watch a Hot Canada vs. USA Stop-Motion Video

Earlier today a Canadian reader wrote us to express his disappointment that we forgot to acknowledge Canada Day yesterday. Whoops. Sorry Canada. Not to make

Canadian Bros Perform National ‘Canthem’ Exclusively with Beer Bottles

Canada is the home of BroBible hero Tim Riggins, questionable Brommunity members Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber, and my friend Isaac. It's also home to these

Drunken Man Unharmed After He’s Run Over by 26 Rail Cars

It’s not unusual to feel like you’ve been hit by a train after a night of heavy drinking. One Alberta man actually did get hit

The Most Intense Indoor Canadian Lacrosse Brawl You’ll See All Day

Who says Canadians always take the path of least resistance? Here's a wild, bench-clearing brawl between the Coquitlam Adanacs and the Nanaimo Timbermen.

AMERICA: Canadian Bros Want You To Know They Can Throw Down Too

Perhaps you've noticed: We've been featuring a ton of awesome college party videos around here lately. You guys seem to love them and we enjoy

Fan Knocks Out Two Other Dudes at Mexico vs. Canada Soccer Match

As much as I'd love to speculate what took place prior to these two soccer fans getting knocked out, I can't. The majority

Look At This Hockey-Playing Robot Humanoid

Students at the University of Manitoba are making remarkable strides in the crucial field of hockey-playing robotic humanoids. Meet Jennifer, who can shoot

This Lake in the Yukon Territory Seems Like a Legit Place to Play Hockey

This surreal hockey video from The Great North has been making the rounds over the last few days and I figure there's enough

Canadian Bros Send Holiday Wishes With a Photo of Their Beer Can Christmas Tree

Just got this email (including a photo of a beer can Christmas tree) from some Canadian Bros and figured we'd share. The email said, "We're

Just When You Think This Canadian Minor League Hockey Fight Is Going to Suck, It Gets Good

Just another Friday night match-up in Canada's North East Senior Hockey League, eh? Not really. This past Friday things got downright gross in

Watch a Canadian Lacrosse Fight Between the Langley Thunder and the New West Salmonbellies

Up north in Canada, things got tense during Tuesday's Western Lacrosse Association Finals between the Langley Thunder and the New West Salmonbellies. Three

Watch Canada’s 16-Year-Old Goalie Score a Half-Pitch Game-Tying Goal Against England

It's not really in our nature to post two soccer highlights in one day, but, meh, it's the end of June and there isn't really

VIDEO: Canadian Redneck Motorcross is Absolutely Ridiculous

Before you start bashing our neighbors in the Great White North and this video, let me briefly explain my admittedly flimsy rationale for posting it.

U.S. Wins Lax Gold Over Canada

On Saturday, the U.S. lacrosse team beat Canada, 12-10, to bring the gold medal back to the States. The U.S. came out strong early, taking