Brazzers Has A Special Message For The Air Canada Pilots Who Can’t Stop Jerkin’ It Mid-Flight


Last week we brought you the story about how the pilots for Air Canada can’t stop masturbating to violent murder porn while flying planes.


Fun Fact: The Pilots For Air Canada Are Masturbating To Violent Murder Porn While Flying Planes


When I think of “Jobs that I wouldn’t care if someone decided to masturbate while doing,” the following occupations come to mind: 1.


Canadian Postal Worker Unable To Deliver Package–Leaves MOST Canadian Excuse Ever


Canada's (and its citizens) have so many stereotypes I don't even know where to begin, but one thing is for sure: this postal worker's excuse for being unable to deliver a package is the most Canadian excuse ever given.


This Canadian Newscaster’s Reaction To FHRITP Makes It Funny All Over Again


Of COURSE a Canadian reporter would have the most polite and friendly reaction we've seen yet to FHRITP being screamed during a live interview.

canada shirt fail

Canada: The Anal Capital of the World


Did you know that Canada is currently the anal capital of the world.


A guy took a baby moose to Tim Hortons because Canada


So a guy was driving down the street and came upon a baby moose.

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