cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz Is Probably Going To Be Naked In A Movie Sometime


People are going to fall into two camps here: Those who WANT to see Cameron Diaz naked in a movie and those who have zero interest in seeing Cameron Diaz naked in a movie.

throwback thursday

‘The Other Woman’s Cameron Diaz: A sexy retrospective


Since her movie somehow managed to move Captain America out of the number one spot I figure it was only fitting to feature Cameron Diaz for this week's "Throwback Thursday.


Cameron Diaz won’t shut up, now says she’s been with a woman


Someone please stop letting Cameron Diaz make movies.


Smell ya later… Cameron Diaz hasn’t used deodorant in 20 years


Cameron Diaz says she hasn't used deodorant in 20 years.

The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz says Kate Upton is more than just a great pair of boobs


Since promotions began for her film The Other Woman all anyone wants to talk about is Kate Upton's famous boobs.

movie trailers

Cameron Diaz Looks RIDICULOUSLY Hot, Shows Off Her Butt In ‘Sex Tape’ Trailer


Coming soon to a movie theater near you: Jason Segel makes a sex tape with Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape, a raunchy comedy from the same guy who made Bad Teacher.

Who would you rather

Who Would You Rather: Cameron Diaz or Katherine Webb?


Katherine Webb remained on top of the WAG world last night with her defeat of Kelly Hall.

the other woman trailer

Kate Upton jiggles in a bikini in new ‘The Other Woman’ clip


I don't care how many times they tease us with clips and trailers from The Other Woman featuring Kate Upton's bouncing breasts I refuse to sit through any film starring Cameron Diaz ever again.

pubic hair grooming tips

Cameron Diaz simply cannot stop talking about pubic hair and vaginas


Ever since Cameron Diaz wrote a health book she hasn't been able to stop talking about women's pubic hair, but the other night she stepped her game up and added talking about vaginas to the mix.

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