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The New ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ DLC Pack Lets You Be Michael Myers From ‘Halloween,’ Kill Aliens

I have a confession: I can't get enough of playing Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer. The squads are sick and size and scope of the maps are insane, my

10 Best Ways to Spend Your Christmas Cash

Sitting on a pile of Christmas money from relatives who stopped knowing what the hell to buy you years ago? Perfect. Here is a list of awesome

Megan Fox Shoots Guns, Looks HOT In the Latest ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Promo Video

Look guys. I'm embarrassed that I'm a couple days late to the latest promo video for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It's easily the best/most-Brotastic video Activision has released

Rate This New ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Gameplay Trailer

Look, you're not going to be able to play this game on PS4 or Xbox One for a long time, but after watching this trailer,

Eminem’s Video for ‘Survival’ Includes Badass ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Footage

Marshall Mathers and Call of Duty: Ghosts are a marriage made in heaven. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to drop on the same day as Call

The New ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Trailer Has Freakin’ Astronauts In It

The new trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts is just as theatrical as one would expect for a multi-billion dollar video game franchise. The trailer for

Check Out the Badass Dog in the New ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Gameplay Trailer

OK, OK. Sorry for being late with this one. This six minute Call of Duty Ghost "No Man's Land" gameplay trailer was shown at E3 2013 a

The Official ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Reveal Trailer Hits the Web

Coming out of the Microsoft press event this morning for the new XBox One, the first new Xbox in 8 years, we have a Call

Activision Drops a Crazy Teaser Trailer for ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’

Beating other video game production houses to the marketing punch, Activision just dropped a trailer for "Call of Duty: Ghosts," a game that's rumored to