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It’s Physically Impossible To Watch These Videos About Los Angeles Without Laughing

Ever thought about moving to Los Angeles? Think again.

This Fraternity Hazing Ritual Is Being Blamed For The Death Of A Pi Kappa Phi Pledge At California State

Another day, another story of hazing gone wrong.

Berkeley Is Now Giving Away FREE WEED To Poor People

Welp, looks like I know where I'm moving next.

This Video Perfectly Describes California Girls Who Move to New York In the Winter

  We get it…you’re from California and it’s cold in New York.

Teens in California Can Now Scrub Dumb Photos from the Internet

It's a strange, strange time to be a teenager in the United States. Your spiritual leader is Jaden Smith. You spend much of your day

How We Party: University of California, Santa Barbara

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we head out

This Chill Video of a Few Chill Bros Skating Through a California Mountain Town Is Mad Chill

Looks straight out of one of those commercials that scream "your life currently sucks, but it could be as dope as these people's if you

Here’s the Best Pirate-Themed Prank You’ll Ever See Pulled Off

This is a pretty classic prank. These Bros filled an old treasure chest with $100 worth of that chocolate that looks like gold coins, drove

I’m Shmacked—University of California, Santa Barbara x Deltopia 2012

For their 14th trailer, I'm Schmacked headed to the west coast to the University of California, Santa Barbara for Deltopia 2012.

Watch the World Premiere of Radical Something’s ‘California’ Music Video

We're pleased to bring you the premiere of Radical Something's video for "California" off their debut LP We Are Nothing. The video was

The Most Hypnotic Late-Night Los Angeles Time Lapse You’ll See This Week

As you might know by now, we're suckers for a great time lapse video. There's at least a gazillion time lapse videos about Gotham, with

The Dude’s House from ‘The Big Lebowski’ Is For Sale for $2.3 Million

Are you a member of the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever club with a cool 2.3 million that's burning a hole in your pocket? You

How Not to Get Your Team Reinstated: Cal Baseball Team Drops ‘Reinstatement Rap’

I'm really not sure if the student athletes at the University of California are there to compete at the NCAA Division I level or to

Legalize Marijuana: It’s Common Sense; Or, Why Californians Should Vote for Proposition 19

Editor's Note: Our earnest young intern, Eskimo Bro, asked me if he could write an article about Proposition 19 and why Californian Bros should vote

Comedian Ralphie May Arrested for Pot Possession… After Petting Drug-Sniffing Dogs

Former "Last Comic Standing" alum -- and obese lesbo -- Ralphie May was busted recently for having pot on his person in an airport on