college football

Cal’s Fake Punt Was Way More Hilarious Than It Was Successful


Already down 28-2 to USC, Cal had nothing but its dignity to lose by calling a fake punt deep in their territory.

bros vs hipsters

Bros vs. Hipsters: A Mockumentary About The Battle For Hermosa Beach, California

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Just a few clicks south of LAX, Southern California's Hermosa Beach -- a.


Bro Charges Massive Wave While Holding 2nd Board Switches Surfboards Mid-Wave, Somehow Doesn’t Die


California's Newport Beach is home to 'The Wedge,' one of the most famous waves in the world.


Town Named ‘Weed’ Goes Up In Smoke


A northern California town named 'Weed' has fell victim to a devastating fire.

Fast food

Watch Californians Try Dunkin’ Donuts For The First Time


I sincerely do not understand how Californians have survived all these years without Dunkin Donuts.


Berkeley Is Now Giving Away FREE WEED To Poor People


Welp, looks like I know where I'm moving next.

Santa Barbara

Watch a huge wave slam into California restaurant causing diners to panic


"Can you pass the salt water," was what patrons at the Moby Dick Restaurant at Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, Calif.


Teens in California Can Now Scrub Dumb Photos from the Internet


It's a strange, strange time to be a teenager in the United States.

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