child prodigy

11-Year-Old Bro Just Graduated College With 3 Degrees, Plans On Becoming POTUS Next


At only 11-years-old Tanishq Abraham just graduated from American River College in Sacramento with not one, not two, but THREE associate degrees.


Navy Commander Removed From Post For Keeping Pygmy Party Goat Named ‘Master Chief Charlie’ On Board USS Lake Erie


Master Chief Charlie is a pygmy goat who reportedly loves granola bars, and is 'a hit with the kids'.


The Key To Salvation Is Beer! How Beer Can Save California From Drought


You've all heard by now about the drought in California that's gotten so bad the governor has called for mandatory water restrictions.


Woot! Scientists Just Upped The Odds That An Earthquake Will Knock California Off America And Into The Ocean

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Scientists said today that a massive California earthquake is looking more and more likely.


Cyclist Tastes Sausalito Asphalt When He Plows Into A Deer At 30MPH


If you're going to taste asphalt it might as well be Sausalito asphalt, right.


Bro Catches 12-Pound Lobster Off Of California, Confirms Existence Of Aliens On Earth


A man was fishing for 'bugs' off the coast of California when he caught what appears to be an actual alien.


Cali Man Pulls The Ultimate Cali Move And Tries To Long Board Away From A High Speed Chase With The Cops


This is probably the funniest attempted criminal getaway we've seen in a while.

college football

Cal’s Fake Punt Was Way More Hilarious Than It Was Successful


Already down 28-2 to USC, Cal had nothing but its dignity to lose by calling a fake punt deep in their territory.

bros vs hipsters

Bros vs. Hipsters: A Mockumentary About The Battle For Hermosa Beach, California

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Just a few clicks south of LAX, Southern California's Hermosa Beach -- a.


Bro Charges Massive Wave While Holding 2nd Board Switches Surfboards Mid-Wave, Somehow Doesn’t Die


California's Newport Beach is home to 'The Wedge,' one of the most famous waves in the world.


Town Named ‘Weed’ Goes Up In Smoke


A northern California town named 'Weed' has fell victim to a devastating fire.

Fast food

Watch Californians Try Dunkin’ Donuts For The First Time


I sincerely do not understand how Californians have survived all these years without Dunkin Donuts.


Berkeley Is Now Giving Away FREE WEED To Poor People


Welp, looks like I know where I'm moving next.

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