Guy’s Parents Caught Him Dry Humping His Girlfriend, Then They Lost Their Goddamn Minds


This is certainly one way to go about sweeping everything under the rug.

sprayable cake

Introducing ‘Spray Cake’–the final frontier of laziness


Is baking a cake or purchasing one at the store too much of a hassle for you.

World Cup

This Seemingly Pro-Argentina Cake Is Hiding a Dark Secret


Was it over when the Germans hid under the frosting.

Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury Enjoyed a Fairly Epic Birthday Cake Facial


Stephon Marbury is an interesting dude who does interesting things.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s Birthday Message is Funnier Than Yours


Things between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller aren’t exactly super-friendly right now.

LeBron James

LeBron James Gave His Son an XBox-Shaped Birthday Cake


It can’t be easy to have LeBron James for a father.


This ‘Dexter’ Cake Looks Delicious


Everything about this Dexter-themed cake should be unappealing and yet all I want to do is plunge a knife into it and stuff it into my face.


The Houston Rockets’ Mascot Rewrote All the Cake-to-the-Face Rules Last Night


The Houston Rockets beat the Los Angeles Lakers last night because Kobe Bryant’s crew is old and busted.

Rob Gronkowski

A Life-Sized Rob Gronkowski Cake is Here to Spice Up Any Celebration


I say we get this thing and a life-sized Bibi Jones cake in the same room and see what happens.

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