national coffee day

Survey Proves Coffee Drinkers Are Worst People On Earth


Today is National Coffee Day, which is a bigger load of BS than Bastille Day.


Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug — but how does it work?


You're probably about three cups deep already, but do you really know how the caffeine in coffee and energy drinks actually work.


Caffeinated Alcoholics Rejoice! Coffee Prevents Liver Cancer


In good news for those of us who roll out of bed hungover on a Wednesday and slam coffee to get through the day, we may be staving off liver cancer by doing so.

world's most caffeinated beer

Brew Dogs new caffeinated beer might kill King Kong


Brew Dogs and Elysian are teaming up to make the world's most caffeinated beer.


5 awesome caffeine alternatives to coffee


Caffeine addicts like myself are always on the lookout for new ways to get our fix.

topical caffeine

Hands-on with Sprayable Energy, caffeine you spray on skin


Sprayable Energy is a new caffeine product that you spray on your skin rather than ingesting.

how much caffeine is in coffee

How much caffeine is actually in your coffee, from Dunkin’ to Starbucks


After investigating the constitution of the nation's most-consumed coffees, we found this truth to be self-evident: all cups of Joe are not created equal.

thirsty for love

Hilarious new singing coffee commercial from David Hasselhoff


We haven't heard much from David Hasselhoff lately, but he's finally showing off his musical "talents" again.

what's in a cup of coffee

What’s actually in your average cup of coffee


Ever wonder what's in your cup of coffee other than the failed hopes and dreams of the barista.

caffeine withdrawal mental disorder

Caffeine withdrawal declared mental disorder


Caffeine withdrawal is now classified as a mental disorder, which means at some point you've been a loon.


How to eat cake and drink coffee in space


Back in my day, space food was unidentifiable freeze-dried garbage and Tang.

what your coffee says about you

What your coffee says about you


You can judge a man by the coffee he drinks, and Doghouse Diaries raps a gavel better than most.

world's strongest coffee

Death Wish is the world’s strongest coffee


Forget runnin' on Dunkin, "Death Wish" is the world's strongest coffee.

mountain dew kickstart

Mountain Dew created a breakfast drink – Kickstart


If coffee isn't your cup of tea but you still want a energy boost in the morning, Mountain Dew has just the thing for you.


Couple’s addiction to coffee enemas is sh-tty


Coffee enemas sounds like a horrible idea, but there's one couple in Florida (obviously) who's addicted to them.

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