comcast being comcast

Comcast Tried to Force A Couple To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement To Keep Quiet About How Much They Suck


If you own a cable box, it's no secret that Comcast dwells in the basement of customer satisfaction.


Bro Proves That Comcast Is THE WORST, Gets Put on Hold for Three Hours


I think we all can agree that cable companies are evil entities with all sorts of malicious tricks up their sleeve to keep their customers from ever truly being happy.

Reality Tv

Wow, awesome, CNN is going to make reality shows


In other news, all humans are going to die and totally deserve it.

The Walking Dead

Zombies Unleashed In NYC In Hopes of Restoring ‘The Walking Dead’ To Dish Network


In the latest installment of "angry cable customers going great lengths to let everyone know they're angry cable customers," a collective called "Put Zombies Back" decided to have some fun around New York City.

Tiered Internet Service

Here’s how the chairman of the FCC just screwed you


Broadband caps and "overages" are controversial, because financially speaking, they're largely a gimmick: most cable companies charge the prices they do on networks they built decades ago.


Have Time Warner Cable? You might finally have a live-streaming app


Time Warner Cable has been promising live streaming to its Android tablet app for months, much to the frustration of TV junkies that just want to get their fix at least somewhat remotely.

TV Everywhere review

Why TV Everywhere stinks


You might remember about three years ago that Time Warner and Comcast, two of the biggest cable providers in the country, announced that soon cable subscribers would be able to get their programming streamed wherever they wanted.

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