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Houston Completed A Hail Mary Against BYU, Which Is Surely A Comment On The State Of Religion


BYU and Houston played a football game to determine which school has the superior Cougar mascot.


BYU QB Taysom Hill Hurdles Over Texas Defender


BYU quarterback Taysom Hill torched Texas last season for 259 yards and three touchdowns and this year it looks like he's doing it again.


BYU-Idaho Made the Most Intense Anti-Masturbation Video Ever, Compares It to Being a Soldier In Combat


We've posted some pretty intense anti-masturbation videos before, but this one from BYU-Idaho takes the cake.

trick videos

BYU Bro Does Amazing Card Magic Trick That Involves Kissing College Chicks


YouTube magican Stuart Edge, a BYU student, has a crafty card trick that incorporates magic and kissing college girls.


Here’s Video of the Fight that Got Two BYU Players Kicked Out of School


It's a fact of life that the 24-hour Mexican restaurant is the greatest thing in the world.


Bro Asks to Borrow Cell Phone, Then Walks Away with It


Just BYU kids being BYU kids, pulling pranks on each other for YouTube views by jacking cell phones from each other.

LeBron James

Here’s a Guy Making LeBron James Out of Balloons Just Because


The thing is miss most about college is the obscene amount of free time.

steeplechase fall

This BYU Track Girl Wants You to Watch Her Bite It


The greatest part about this brutal steeplechase fall is that the girl seen taking it uploaded it to YouTube.

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