mcdonalds breakfast

Watch A Bunch Of People Who Were Born Without Taste Buds Try McDonald’s Breakfast For The First Time


If you don't like McDonald's breakfast then the chances that you are the reincarnation of Satan are pretty high, which means that all of the people in this video are literally the Devil.

college vs high school

The Difference Between High School You And College You


It's amazing how much you come out of your shell during the best four years of your life.


Weird Things Girls Do When They’re Alone


You saw the "weird things guys do when they're alone" video a few weeks ago.

family photos

Are Your Family Photos More Awkward Than The Ones In This Video?


Sometimes people come up with great ideas for family portraits, and somtimes people come up with awful ideas for family portraits that end up getting immortalized via the Internet.


9 Signs You’re Bad At Being Healthy


#10: You think about pizza more than you do vegetables.


You Won’t Believe What The Dirtiest Things In Your House Are Right Now


Get ready to be shocked, because the dirtiest thing in your house isn't actually your toilet seat, nor is it the pair of pants you've worn for a record-setting 5 days straight so far, or the boxers that you just found sitting crumpled behind the couch in a pile of old potato chip crumbs and dust.

attention deficit disorder

Use This Video To Test How Well You Can Pay Attention, Fail, And Then Have An Excuse To Get An Adderall Prescription


Stupid Internet videos probably aren't the best indicator of whether or not you have Attention Deficit Disorder, but does your Mom know that.


How Can You Tell If You’re Dating Or Just Hooking Up?


If you're asking the question, it's time to have the talk.


This Is What It Would Look Like If A Drug Deal Were To Ruin Your Date


Have you ever been afraid that a random drug deal would ruin your date.


10 Weird Things Guys Do To One-Up Each Other


To be fair, I do this shit with my friends too, and the female version is just as painfully dumb.

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