Hairless Man Tweets Pic Of Himself Face-Banging A Lincoln Memorial


Back on September 27th, 2014 Twitter user 'Farm Daddy' tweeted a pic of himself nakedly face-banging a statue of Lincoln, and consequently sent a shockwave through the Internet as in the past few hours BuzzFeed, Gawker, and more have all picked it up as if it was fresh news.

women vs men

9 Things That Men Do That Secretly Make Women Jealous


Did you know that your ability to pee almost anywhere you want is one of the biggest things us ladies envy about you guys.


7 Tips You Need To Know To Take Your Burger Game From ‘Eh’ To ‘WOW’


Not every Bro can make a burger that’ll make all the ladies flock to the grill in his back yard, but you know what.

people doing things for the first time

Chicks Watch Adult Movies For The First Time


I kinda wish they would make a video of these girls reading Tasha Reign's sex and relationship advice column.


9 Things Guys Do That Would Be Weird If Girls Did Them

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Not gonna lie, I do 6 of these 9 things which I think legally qualifies me as 2/3rds “Man.

butt stuff

WTF Is ‘Anal Oral’ And How Do People Do It?


Do you know what “anal oral” is.


How To Count Cards In Blackjack: A Guide


Two weekends ago, rather than doing lame Valentine's Day shit, I went down to Atlantic City and went on a blackjack tear at Caesars in the middle of a tumultuous snowstorm.


6 Horribly Awkward Sex Stories That Will Make You Want To Be Celibate For The Rest Of Your Life

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The movies will tell you that sex is this highly romanticized act that takes place between two people if and only if they’re destined to fall in love, pop out a bunch of kids and ride off happily into the sunset on a unicorn that farts rainbows.


Watch 24 Of The Worst Dance Moves Ever Created Caught On Tape


Dancing isn’t for everyone, and that’s never been more apparent than in this video where 24 people fail spectacularly at trying to twirl around and look slick.

fast food

Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Breakfast Sandwich?


It’s a competition between Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr.


Thoughts You Have While Waiting In Line At Starbucks

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Admit it, this thought has ABSOLUTELY crossed your head: "Maybe I should have them write "Dick" when they ask for my name, so the barista says "A venti iced coffee for Dick.

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