This Is What It Would Look Like If Men Acted Like Women When It Came To Losing Their Virginities


If anyone out there minds doing me a favor, just answer me this one simple question after watching this video: What do they need a towel for.


How Much Does Your Addiction To Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Soda Cost You?


Our friends at Buzzfeed calculated what all your addictions costs you annually.


If You Flirt Like The People In This Video There Is A Better Than Even Chance That You’re Going To Die Alone


I don’t know any of these people personally, but I can honestly say that I hate each and every one of them with every single fiber of my soul.

men vs women

Can Women Really Multitask Better Than Men?


It's just a biological fact: Female brains have 10-times more white matter in their brains, which means they are constantly thinking of all the things they need to do simultaneously.


These 19 Confessions That Men Don’t Always Admit Are Scarily Accurate


There’s no shame in only peeing while you’re sitting down, just like how enjoying a pedicure isn’t the end of the world.

pop stars

Watch A Bunch Of Dudes Try Pop Star Makeup For The First Time And Transform Into Really Ugly Chicks


The tagline for this video on Youtube is “Watch men get beautified like a pop star,” which is amusing because each guy featured in this video gets significantly uglier after their makeover.


This Is How You Exit A Boring Conversation Without Coming Off Like A Dick


Have you ever been stuck in an awful conversation where you’re just nodding your head and not even listening.

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