fast food

Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best French Fries?


McDonalds is wildly accepted as the undisputed king king of french fries.


What It’s Like When You Get A Text From An Unknown Number


We've ALL been there: You wake up after a night of heavy drinking and there's a mysterious text message from an unknown number.

awkward photos

12 Photos That Are So Painfully Awkward You Can Feel It


Have you ever scrolled through your tagged photos from a few years back on Facebook and found the weirdest pictures.

video games

Meet One Of The Best ‘Tetris’ Players In The World And Find Out What It’s Like To Be A ‘Tetris’ Master

By | 2 Comments

Ever wondered what it's like to be so good at a video game that you get sent to the world championships for it.


Which Grocery Store Has The Best Rotisserie Chicken?


Rotisserie chicken is the ultimate "Ugh it's 6:00 and I don't feel like cooking but I don't want to eat frozen chicken nuggets again tonight.


10 Boner Facts That Are Too Hard To Handle


Have you ever wanted to know random facts about boners that you can impress your friends with.


The 9 Lazy Things All Guys Have Done


Is sitting up to grab the remote from the coffee table too much work for you.


Ways To Tell If Your Crush Likes You


Do you ever wonder if your crush likes you.


Watch A Bunch Of Millennials Try (And Fail Miserably) To Give The ‘Birds And The Bees’ Talk For The First Time


Most millennials think that the “birds and the bees” talk is outdated; why verbally tell your kids how to have sex when they’re just going to find out from their more depraved classmates on the school bus sometime between 5th and 8th grade.

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