This Is What It Would Look Like If Men Were Disney Princesses Singing In A Music Video


Did you ever wonder what it would look like if men were Disney princesses singing in a music video.


10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Car


Most people don’t realize that the gas gauge in your car actually tells you what side of the car your gas cap is on.


What If Beer Commercials Were Made Like Yogurt Commercials For Basic Chicks?


The only thing it's missing is Erin Andrews talking about how beer is a wonderful probiotic that's great for her digestive health.

Women Shopping

Ever Wonder What The Hell Goes On Inside The Head Of A Woman Shopping In Target? Here’s The Answer


Finally, a peek inside the minds of women the minute they step foot in the massive building with the target on top.


If You’ve Ever Played Basketball In Your Life, This Ode To Hoops Will Give You Chills


Who hasn't cut through a sock just to make an arm sleeve just like Allen Iverson.


How Dangerous Is It ACTUALLY To Sit On A Public Toilet?


Answer: it’s not, stop being a wuss and take a seat on that porcelain throne like the king you are.


Here Are 28 Things You Said 10 Years Ago That Make Zero Sense Today


Remember when you had a top 8 on Myspace, or when people even used Myspace to begin with.


11 Moments Everyone With A Sister Will Recognize


She's a saint who knows you’re an idiot who will repeatedly forget your Mom’s birthday, but at the same time she’s an annoying turd who won’t shut the fuck up about getting ice cream and she’s always cold yet never brings a jacket.

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