cool facts

9 Facts Too Weird For Science Class


Not gonna lie, this video shocked my brain harder than that Meatstick Phish played at Madison Square Garden a couple New Years Eves ago.


4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try


I need a mac and cheese grilled cheese in my face right now.


If Girls Were Honest On Dates…


"I'm only talking right now because I'm scared of silence.

basic white girls

What If Guys Acted Like Basic White Girls?


The funny thing about this video is that a lot of Bros actually do act like this, minus the 24/7 Starbucks and annoying voices.


If Everyone Was Honest In The Bedroom…


"I want to scream your name but I have no idea what it is.

pick up lines

If guys were honest when hitting on women, it would look a little something like this


Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is completely honest when they're first hitting on/flirting with someone.

value of $1000 in rent across the nation

This is what $1,000 in rent gets you across the USA (Hint: NYC is brutal)


We all know that the value of a dollar is pretty much worthless in NYC, but what about the other great cities across the nation.

things people foolishly do

Dear morons: If you’re doing these things, you need to stop right now


There are just so many things on a daily basis that I see people obliviously attempt to get away with, of which they actually have less than no shot.

Online dating

Dating today vs. dating in the 90s: nostalgia vs. technology


It's pretty damn easy to look back at the 90s as a truly magical era, and nostalgically reflect on how much better dating today would be if it were more like the 90s.

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