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15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sriracha

You may think you know everything you need to know about Sriracha, but we bet this video will drop some […]

How To Be A Dick At A Party

Ha. Like you need lessons. 

12 Surprising Facts About Netflix

Although Buzzfeed spelled it "surpised" we're guessing you should prepare to be SURPRISED. 

The Most Important Selfies of 2013

Selfies. That is the word of 2013. At least it is according to people who are apparently qualified to make such claims. Meaning, society is taking

30 Things You No Longer Need Because of Smartphones

31. Basic human interaction. Long gone are the days when you need to look up in an elevator, AMIRIGHT? Fuck those strangers, AMIRIGHTTIMESTWO? 

6 Essential Tips For Mac Users

Shameful Admission: I promised myself years ago, when I bought my first iPod, that I would never go full Apple. Well, friends, I have gone full

20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Molly

No words. Just this...

18 Dogs With Better Halloween Costumes Than You


These 7 Real Life Monsters Will Haunt Your Thoughts

And...we never want to go swimming in the ocean again.

9 Urban Dictionary Words Every College Student Should Know

Crucial information. Trying to live without rendezbooze in your vocabulary is not really living at all, now is it? 

10 Famous People Who Have Seen Ghosts

Well, we should add ALLEGEDLY seen ghosts, because ghosts aren't real. But still... Ke$ha has definitely banged one. 

Here are the Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

Axe murders. Botched executions. Mass TB epidemics. I'm going to go look at that guitar-loving dog now.