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Ben Brust Hits Miracle Heave, Helps Wisconsin Knock Off Michigan

If you’re a Wisconsin dude at the same party as Ben Brust tonight, you should probably just head home. You’ve got no chance. All the

Big Eighth-Grade Bro Makes Incredible Over-the-Head Buzzer Beater

This blew up on the Internet this morning, and if my SportsCenter instincts are correct, you'll probably be seeing it at No. 1 on Top

Darren Collison Sank This Bizarre Buzzer-Beater Just to Mess With You

I hereby award Darren Collison 423 make-believe points for creativity.

Here’s Yesterday’s 75-Foot Buzzer-Beater Everyone’s Talking About

The NCAA tournament may have failed to yield any memorable buzzer-beaters yesterday, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any out there. One just

UConn’s Roscoe Smith Beats the Buzzer Again, Which is a Bad Thing

UConn’s Roscoe Smith fired up a desperation heave at the end of the first half – except it wasn’t really the end of

Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Jordan Farmar Knocked Down Game-Winners Last Night

There were three game-winners in NBA action last night, all coming at or near the buzzer. Kyrie Irving went coast-to-coast to help the

Listen to This Guy Go Through Reverse Puberty After Game-Winning Shot

It's no secret that the best high school basketball is played in and around the Chicago area. Something else located there is the world's most

Florida State is Addicted to Buzzer-Beaters

Florida State is not the best college basketball team, but you won’t find another that’s as clutch. Ian Miller’s three-pointer with .8 seconds

Top Recruit Gary Harris Nails 35-Foot Playoff Buzzer-Beater

Gary Harris proved why he’ll be playing for Michigan State next year by hitting a 35-foot buzzer-beater last night in an Indiana sectional

Watch This Falling-Out-of-Bounds, Half-Court Buzzer-Beater Find the Net

Zach Fowler’s one-handed desperation heave from mid-court found its way through the bottom of the net in an Oklahoma high school playoff game

Cole Darling Nails 75-Foot Buzzer-Beater for Wright State

Cole Darling's hopeful heave found the bottom of the net last night during Wright State's loss to Butler. The two-handed push shot really

VIDEO: Crazy Foul-Filled Ending as #8 Butler Upsets #1 Pittsburgh

Absolutely insane ending to the Butler-Pitt game tonight, as we're sure you've heard by now. Here's what happened. Pitt's up 1 with less than 7.1

VIDEO: Temple’s Juan Fernandez Hits Buzzer Beater to Beat Penn State

Yet another buzzer beater! This time it's #7 Temple's Juan Fernandez beating JoePa's beloved #10 Penn State on a leaner in the paint. Video after

VIDEO: High School Student Sinks Backwards Buzzer Beater

Here's a video of a high school kid casually pulling off a one hell of a HORSE shot. The backwards buzzer beater is an impressive