If This Was A Real AMEX Security Question Nobody Would EVER Second Guess Their Safety


I recently took the plunge of getting a joint CC with my fiancee, so I understand this bro's pain of someone constantly forgetting the security questions to your banking account.

kim kardashian

Here’s A Bunch Of Dudes Trying To Recreate Kim Kardashian’s Butt Photo


Get some bleach ready, because there’s no other way that you’re going to get the images of these dudes lubing each other up and waddling around naked out of your head that’s short of dousing your eyes in Clorox.

nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj Sank A Putt Into A Butt At The MTV Europe Music Awards


  Nicki Minaj sank an easy putt into a butt-themed miniature golf hole shaped like a human butt and the European crowd went wild.

butt facts

10 Facts About Butts You Need To Know


We, as a society, don't know enough about one of our favorite things to look at and talk about, and by that I mean BUTTS.

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