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I Don’t Speak Spanish But I Think This Sportscaster Messed His Pants While Looking at This Female Athlete’s Butt

Get a grip, bro.

Alessandra Ambrosio Wants You to Look at Her and Her Friends’ Butts

And who are we to deny her that request?

German Newspaper Posts Uncensored Photo of Kate Middleton’s Ass

The Royal Cheek

Did Pippa Middleton Fake Her Fantastic Ass?

Don't believe the hype.

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Chick’s Ass While Riding a Bike

You've seen the girl in yoga pants riding a motorcycle. Now see the spiritual sequel: a hot chick in booty shorts biking through a city.

Incredible Facts About Butts

Finally, a video for all the ass-men of the world. 

These 36 Photos of Hot Girls’ Asses Are Our Sunday Gift to You

Asses and underwear are a wonderful combination. Sexy, lacy underwear and plush asses. Lovely. 

Dai Macedo Wins Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum Title, Has Amazing Ass

For 364 days out of the year, we slog through life without purpose. But on one day—one glorious day a year—we devote all our attention

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Chick’s Ass In Yoga Pants Jiggling During a Motorcycle Ride

With all due respect to GoPro auteurs everywhere,  THIS is how you use a GoPro camera....  YouTube RR Marquez captured "Tabitha's first ride" by attaching a GoPro

This Hilarious Houston Astros Butt-Slide GIF Needs a Super Sad Trombone

The 2013 Houston Astros in a nutshell, folks. On a face-first slide, Jonathan Villar flows his face straight into second baseman Brandon Phillip's butt. Like,

25 Hottest Photos of Girls in Yoga Pants for the Week of August 23, 2013

Hot girls in yoga pants, how we do love thee. Lots and lots and lots and lots of thee. So yeah, here are 25 pics

We Have 24 Reasons Why Yoga Pants Are The Greatest Invention Ever

We would like to pass on our personal thanks to the genius who invented yoga pants. Who knew all you had

Introducing One Wipe Charlies, the Only True Butt Wipes for REAL MEN

The Dollar Shave Club re-wrote all the rules about face grooming, and now they’re re-writing all the rules governing a far more important part of

Carine Felizardo Wins Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum Title, Has Amazing Ass

Cross off all other sporting events currently taking up space on your Bucket List. Attending Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum competition would surely allow you to

Since Today is NATIONAL ASS DAY Tonight’s Top Talent is All About the Booty

Boatshoe's always been a breast lover but when National Ass Day falls on a Hump Day, well, the stars just align for me to bring

Two of the Hottest Asses You’ll Ever See Playing Video Games, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

You wanted asses...I'VE BROUGHT YOU ASSES. So take a break from the VP debate and drool all over yourselves. 

Shocking: Hidden Camera Catches People Staring at Babe’s Butt

This is an important study. Without it, we’d have never known that people enjoy looking at a nicely formed backside.

This Music Video Features Many, Many Voluptuous A$$es

Ever hear of the Cincinnati-based band Foxy Shazam? Me neither, until today when a friend passed along their music video for a song

VIDEO: Playb*y’s ‘History of Butts’ Is the Most Educational Thing You’ll Watch Today (SFW)

It's an age-old evolutionary question: Why do some men go bonkers for b**bs while others are struck with a lifelong case of booty-fever? Much to