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Butt-Chugging Tennessee Fraternity Brings Major Greek Life Reform at School

Last summer, an underage Pike at the University of Tennessee was hospitalized after buttchugging boxed wine. The Enema Heard 'Round the World did not, surprisingly,

One Bro Sent Us a Hilarious Video of His Buddy Butt Chugging, and Here It Is

We need to give a disclaimer before going into this: We do not condone any of the behavior in the above video. It is dangerous,

Finally, the Tennessee Buttchugging T-Shirt We’ve All Been Waiting For

This buttchugging situation down in Tennessee has gotten out of hand. Just yesterday, my dad, a man who can barely turn on a computer, sent

Butt Chugging Tennessee Fraternity Holds Ridiculous Press Conference to Deny Claims of Butt Chuggery

Oh, this is SENSATIONAL. In a "I can't believe this video isn't a parody...Wait, I think this is a parody...Holy shit, this really ISN'T a