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The Butler and Georgetown Bulldogs Hung Out and It Was Fucking Awesome

Blue III recently took a tour of Georgetown’s campus; his tour guide was Jack the bulldog. Jack was initially hesitant [...]

Butler’s Bulldog Has a Training Montage, and It’s Fantastic

If you're still reeling from that other dog video posted on the site today, Butler, thankfully, has something to cheer you up: Blue III,

Roosevelt Jones’ Buzzer-Beater Gave Butler a Miraculous Victory Over Gonzaga

The Butler did it again.

Here’s Video of Butler Knocking off No. 1 Indiana, Because This is What Butler Does

Unless you currently go to school in Indianapolis, odds are you've never heard of Alex Barlow. He's a walk-on sophomore who's averaged just 0.8 points

Butler’s Rotnei Clarke Hits Insane Buzzer-Beater in Maui

It certainly wasn’t the prettiest buzzer-beater you’ll ever see, but Butler sure won’t mind. Plucky guard Rotnei Clarke hit an off-balance running flip from 30

Cole Darling Nails 75-Foot Buzzer-Beater for Wright State

Cole Darling's hopeful heave found the bottom of the net last night during Wright State's loss to Butler. The two-handed push shot really

Top Five Questions Surrounding Tonight’s UConn vs. Butler National Championship Game

Shelvin Mack Screaming kemba walker screaming

Once again we reach

Final Four Preview: Despite the Lack of #1 Seeds, Saturday Night Should be Very Exciting