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What The Hell Is Slithering Around In This Guy’s Burger?


You've got cheeseburgers burgers, veggie burgers, salmon burgers, lamb burgers, crab burgers and now bug burgers.


Beef Is Now Highly Illegal In India And Excuse Me While I Stuff Down This Triple-Decker Cheeseburger

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India's 'Golden Age of Beef' (as I am calling it) has officially come to an end after a bill 19-years in the making came to fruition, banning the possession or sale of beef in Maharashtra (the state home to Mumbai and over 100 million Indian citizens).


7 Tips You Need To Know To Take Your Burger Game From ‘Eh’ To ‘WOW’


Not every Bro can make a burger that’ll make all the ladies flock to the grill in his back yard, but you know what.


This Burger Has 10,500 Calories, 24 Oz In Patties, 12 Strips Of Bacon And I’d List More I Just Had A Heart Attack


I know I just look like a tall skinny white girl, but in reality I’m a tall skinny white girl who has the stomach capacity of an obese hippo.


I MUST TRY This Burger In Iowa With Funnel Cake Buns And Corn Dog-Fried Bacon


Zombie Burger and Drink lab in Des Moines, Iowa is home to some pretty zanny burger creations.


You Can Finally Take Your Girl To White Castle Because They’ve Got Veggie Burgers Now


White Castle, home of the "I bet I can eat more fucking burgers than you" challenge, now has veggie burgers.


The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $1,770 And Looks Like Something You’d Find In A Dumpster


Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and ordered an $18 cheeseburger that was made with some fancy-sounding bullshit like “Unadulterated Prime Beef Stuffing” and thought to yourself “Man that was great, if only they’d charged me $1,752 more.

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