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Burger King Accidentally Posts Guy’s Phone Number On Their Website, He Proceeds To Troll The Shit Out Of Employees


The story goes that Burger King accidentally posted the phone number of a man in Chicago on their website, listing it as the number for employees to call in order to get their works schedules.

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Remember Burger King’s Black Burgers? Well They Look Even More Disgusting In Real Life


Earlier this month Burger King announced that it's making a "black burger" to be served in Japanese restaurants.


Rejoice! Burger King Chicken Fries are back!


Burger King has officially brought back the best item their menu ever had, chicken fries.


Help name this ridiculous Burger King food hack


McDonald's has the McGangbang and the Land, Sea, and Air; now the the creepiest royal in the fast food game is getting into the foray with this Burger King food hack involving the dumbest collection of patties you'll see outside of Epic Meal Time.

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How to eat a Burger King Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger


Burger King wants you to think it's tough to eat their Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger, but this fast food hack proves it's not so tough after all.


Burger King wants you to know we’re all the same on the inside, gay or Whopper


In honor of #Pride week Burger King released the 'Proud Whopper.

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Burger King answers our prayers, sells Burgers for Breakfast


No longer shall we be forced suffer the tyranny of clocks over our burger eating habit.

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