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This Bro Bungee Jumping In An F1 RACECAR Is The Sickest Thing I’ve Seen All Day

Balls of steel.

Russia Continues to be Russia: A Couple Does a Tandem Bungee Jump, Girl Doesn’t Wear a Harness

Jesus Christ. Did you hear how loud she fucking screamed? No? Oh, that's right, you didn't hear shit because both of them didn't make a fucking sound.

Dudes Pull Off Awesome Bungee Jumping Prank at Bachelor Party

This prank from Norway puts all the so-called pranks we’ve posted over the past few months to shame. At soon-to-be groom was tricked into this

Blindfolded Guy Thinks He’s About to Bungee Jump

Top notch gag. Guy was probably full of adrenaline; heart pumping, mind racing, thinking about how is was going to be a little

Watch a Blonde Paraplegic Girl Bungee Jump In Her Wheelchair

The folks at 9Livesadventures recently helped a paraplegic woman bungee jump off a bridge in Whistler, BC. Inspiring and really, really freakin' cool,

Video: Australian Woman Survives 370-Foot Bungee Fall Into the Zambezi River After Cord Snaps

I've gone skydiving but I maintain the stance that until they start making these bungee cords from human scrotum -- universally recognized as