Watch This Guy Get Pranked Into Thinking He’s Bungee Jumping And Then Belly Flop Into A Lake Instead


Watching this guy flop face-first into a lake while his friends all laugh at him reminds me to be happy that my friends aren’t this creative when it comes to screwing with people.


Dudes Pull Off Awesome Bungee Jumping Prank at Bachelor Party


This prank from Norway puts all the so-called pranks we’ve posted over the past few months to shame.


World’s dumbest man tricked into thinking he’s bungee jumping


When you go bungee jumping, you usually know you're going bungee jumping.

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Watch a Blonde Paraplegic Girl Bungee Jump In Her Wheelchair


The folks at 9Livesadventures recently helped a paraplegic woman bungee jump off a bridge in Whistler, BC.

zambezi river

Video: Australian Woman Survives 370-Foot Bungee Fall Into the Zambezi River After Cord Snaps


I've gone skydiving but I maintain the stance that until they start making these bungee cords from human scrotum -- universally recognized as the gold standard of elasticity -- I will never bungee jump off a bridge.

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