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Buffalo Bills Mascot Destroys Youth Football Quarterback With Dirtiest Play Imaginable

I’ve been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and I’m no closer to understanding it than when I first started. What I see is

A Few Buffalo Bills Fans Spent Entire Season Posterizing Opposing Team’s Unsuspecting Fans

Drinking beers, eating BBQ, and posterizing motherfuckers while miraculously not getting shot and/or stabbed. Great use of tailgating time. 

Old Man Throws Punches During a Fight in the Stands at the Buffalo Bills Game

The OG sports bloggers at Busted Coverage uncovered a phenomenal video from Sunday's Buffalo Bills game, in which Bills fans proved they

CBS Cameras Capture Buffalo Bills Fan’s Fall From 3rd Deck

Some idiot tried to slide along the ledge of the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium during yesterday’s Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game. Surprisingly, the

Bills Fan Twerks In the Crowd While Some Dudes Throw Cash At Her

A couple of weeks ago I hung out with a bunch of Bills fans when they descended on New Orleans to play the Saints. Something

ESPN Defies the NFL, Plus Week 5’s Thursday and Survivor Pick

All the news around the NFL yesterday didn’t have to do with Rob Gronkowski’s mystery comeback date, Darryl Richardson’s tweet about not starting, Donte’s name

Buffalo Bills Fans Spotted Wearing Aaron Hernandez Orange Jumpsuit Outfits for Patriots Game

Ah, nothing like the sweet smell of game day. Amazing spot here from Breyon Harris: Buffalo Bills fans wearing Aaron Hernandez orange jumpsuits for

Bills WR Stevie Johnson Encourages North Korea to Aim Its Bombs at the New England Patriots

North Korea seems pretty intent on setting the wheels in motion to bring about the Apocalypse. People are rightly stressed about the threat of all-out

Buffalo Bills Fans Keep Warm By Beating Sh*t Out of Each Other

It’s always inspiring to see fans overcome the quick turnaround of a Thursday night game and brawl like it’s any given Sunday.

The Life and Times of the AFC East, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

It’s been good to be a Patriots fan over the last decade. They’ve won eight division titles in that span and haven’t had that much

Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight

We're not going to give it away, but this is the rare fan fight video that has a very clear winner.

Bills Fans Fought Each Other at Their Home Game Against the Chiefs on Sunday

The days of Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas are so long gone that Bills fans have forgot how to act when they win. Perhaps this

The Jets Kicked Off Their Season with a 20-Point Win, Massive Brawl in MetLife Stadium

Damn it, Jets fans. You couldn't just be happy with a beautiful New York afternoon, the NFL's Opening Day, and a 20-point win over the

NFL Player Posts His HIV Test Results on Twitter

Gold diggers and jersey chasers can celebrate, at least one NFL player is free of hepatitis and HIV!

If You Were at Sunday’s Buffalo Bills Game, You May Have Seen Two Teachers Banging in the Bathroom

I know you Buffalo Bills fans have it rough — you were the darlings of the NFL at 5-2, but then the tailspin happened and

Buffalo Bills Fan Too Drunk For Life

When Sunday Funday goes wrong... It was just one of those days. Dude let himself get out of hand. His Bills were off

Bills Fans Burning a Tom Brady Jersey Before Sunday’s Game

Goddamn Buffalonians acting a fool and putting a hex on one of my fantasy quarterbacks. I appreciate that they beat the Pats, but

VIDEO: Steve Johnson Asks ‘Why So Serious?’ While Celebrating Touchdown

The Buffalo Bills came up big today against the Bengals, winning 49-31. After gaining a cushy lead in