jim kelly

Here’s Jim Kelly Telling His Daughter He Is Cancer-Free


  Jim Kelly has attacked his battle with jaw cancer in the same way he attacked opponents during his Hall of Fame career: with a fearless determination.


The Buffalo Jills were allegedly told how to wash their vaginas


For the third time in a year, an NFL cheerleading squad is suing their employer for violating labor laws and inappropriate conduct, among other things.

youth football

Buffalo Bills Mascot Destroys Youth Football Quarterback With Dirtiest Play Imaginable


I’ve been watching this on repeat for 15 minutes and I’m no closer to understanding it than when I first started.


A Few Buffalo Bills Fans Spent Entire Season Posterizing Opposing Team’s Unsuspecting Fans


Drinking beers, eating BBQ, and posterizing motherfuckers while miraculously not getting shot and/or stabbed.


Old Man Throws Punches During a Fight in the Stands at the Buffalo Bills Game


The OG sports bloggers at Busted Coverage uncovered a phenomenal video from Sunday's Buffalo Bills game, in which Bills fans proved they can't handle their liquor.

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