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Ever Wonder What’s Really In Budweiser?

'Cause we're about to find out.

Budweiser’s New Commercial Is Designed to Rip You Apart

Before watching the latest Super Bowl ad from Budweiser, direct your attention to these recent tweets from the company's official Twitter account:

Budweiser Has a Stupid ‘Buddy Cup’ That Synchs with Facebook

Why in the world would you want to be Facebook friends with everyone you drink with? 

Tragedy on Maryland Freeway: Budweiser Truck Spills 77,000 Pounds of Beer

Any D.C. area Bros lend a helping hand to the driver of this Budweiser truck yesterday? After a tractor trailer hit a guardrail and flipped

Man Uncaps and Drinks 3 Budweisers in 30 Seconds—Without His Hands

In April, J. Camm introduced us to a guy named Shoenice, who likes to eat things like soap, tampons, and deodorant, and hilariously

Budweiser Imagines ‘Poolball,’ a Soccer and Pool Hybrid Drinking Game

Generally speaking, hybrid sports are kinda dumb (slamball or kronum, anyone?). However, this gimmicky mash-up between pool and soccer seems tolerable and maybe even entertaining,

Budweiser to Give Away 500,000 Beers—Do You Drink Bud Heavy?

Anheuser-Busch today announced its largest free beer giveaway ever: Over the coming months, the company will give away 500,000 Budweisers at bars and restaurants. The