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Budweiser Releases ‘A Hero’s Welcome’ Super Bowl Commercial, Clearly They Want All of Our Emotions

Earlier this week Budweiser released their "Puppy Love" commercial, featuring a dog and horse that were best bros. It went viral, because America clearly

Budweiser’s New Commercial Is Designed to Rip You Apart

Before watching the latest Super Bowl ad from Budweiser, direct your attention to these recent tweets from the company's official Twitter account:

Budweiser Imagines ‘Poolball,’ a Soccer and Pool Hybrid Drinking Game

Generally speaking, hybrid sports are kinda dumb (slamball or kronum, anyone?). However, this gimmicky mash-up between pool and


20 Great TV Ad Campaigns for 20 Great Beers


When a Bro sits down to watch a football game or an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” we