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Bros, You Can Win This Dope Bud Light Mini Hoops Table For Your Own House

Enter now to win!

What Does Bud Light Have in Store for the Super Bowl? It Apparently Involves Don Cheadle and a Llama

Bud Light just teased their Super Bowl ad with this 15 second clip. I approve.

Peyton Manning Won a Playoff Game, Couldn’t Wait to Drink a Bud Light

Peyton Manning listened for two weeks as people pointed toward his less-than-stellar track record in playoff openers. He answered by leading the Denver Broncos past

Bud Light Surprised Shane Battier, Alleged Diehard Fan of Bud Light, with a Sh*t Ton of Bud Light

Strange story leads to a strange video here. Apparently, Shane Battier has some sort of pregame ritual that involves drinking Bud Light. Knowing this and/or

What’ll It Be? A Bro’s Guide to Choosing the Right Drink

So go the first three words out of the barkeep’s mouth when you plop down in your favorite seat at ye’ ole’ neighborhood watering hole.

Budweiser to Give Away 500,000 Beers—Do You Drink Bud Heavy?

Anheuser-Busch today announced its largest free beer giveaway ever: Over the coming months, the company will give away 500,000 Budweisers at bars and restaurants. The