I Can’t Stop Watching This Bro Dance To Shaq’s DJ Set At Bud Light’s Super Bowl Party


Today at Bud Light's House OF Whatever Super Bowl party in Phoenix, Shaq made a special appearance as DJ Diesel.


Bro Double Fisting Beers At Royals-Tigers Game


In the bottom of the ninth of the Royals-Tigers game the camera caught a Bro double fisting some Bud Lights right before the game was ending.

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We Interviewed the Mayor of Bud Light’s Whatever USA


This weekend thousands from around the country will flock to Bud Light's Whatever USA for epic shenanigans of all shapes and sizes.

wing dog

This dog, like myself, wants you to keep your thieving hands off the beer


Much like myself, this dog is very passionate about the beer not being bogarted.

wonderful pistachios

Ranking the best Super Bowl commercials: food and booze


This year's Super Bowl commercials were more disappointing that everyone's favorite Papa John's franchisee.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning Won a Playoff Game, Couldn’t Wait to Drink a Bud Light


Peyton Manning listened for two weeks as people pointed toward his less-than-stellar track record in playoff openers.

bud light metal bottle

Bud Light thinks you drink like a pansy


Bud Light doesn't think you're man enough to drink a full pint of beer.


Bud Light Superstition Machine is oddly entertaining


You only have three more weeks during which it's acceptable to drink at home on a Monday night, so take full advantage of Monday Night Football with Bud Light's strangely enjoyable live superstition machine.

superstitious nfl fans

Bud Light crowns Ravens fans most superstitious


Bud Light's "Superstitions" campaign has seemingly gone on forever, but they've finally released their research into which fans are the most superstitious.


Get ready for cranberry margaritas from Bud Light


Look out yeast infections, Bud Light is making a cranberry beer.

snake in beer case

Texas man finds snake in beer, keeps partying


A man just looking to drink a couple Bud Lights reached in the case for a beer but found a snake instead.

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