wonderful pistachios

Ranking the best Super Bowl commercials: food and booze


This year's Super Bowl commercials were more disappointing that everyone's favorite Papa John's franchisee.

Sapporo Light

7 of the most efficient beers for getting drunk without getting fat


It’s simple: when it comes to beer, men want the finest fat-to-fun ratio possible.


Justin Timberlake’s first Bud Light Platinum commercial features a hot chick


We announced last week that Justin Timberlake is the new Creative Director, whatever that means, for Bud Light Platinum.

Super Bowl

Anheuser-Busch should fire half of Anomaly ad agency


You can't expect every commercial to be a hit, but with the money and branding behind Anheuser-Busch, you'd think they could do better than 3 out of the 4 worst commercials.

premium beer

Beck’s Sapphire is 6% of upscale ABV


AB-InBev is at it again with another high-alcohol "premium" beer.

the 9th semester

10 Realities of Swapping a Semester of College for One in ‘The Real World’


Another semester may be just around the corner, but you're still not going back.

Super Bowl commercial

Bud Light Platinum ad is confused about the value of metals


I don't know what is considered the "best" slot for Super Bowl commercials, but it seems like the first one after the kickoff is probably pretty good.

Super Bowl commercial

Avicii’s Bud Light Platinum Super Bowl ad


I've mentioned Bud Light Platinum a couple times before, but most people still have no clue it exists.

New Budweiser beer

Bud Light Platinum blind taste test


After an early release in a couple markets, Bud Light Platinum's full roll out is today.

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