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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Back Together And Really Creeping Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Back together ... at last?

Bryan Cranston Was Such a Bro In His Tony Award Speech for ‘Best Actor in a Play’

Last night the extraordinarily-talented Bryan Cranston won a Tony Award last night for Best Actor in a Play.

Bryan Cranston and Jimmy Fallon Play a Hilarious Word Game on the ‘Tonight Show’

In the past two years, Bryan Cranston has played Walter White and LBJ and a nuclear physicist.

Bryan Cranston Helps a Bro Ask a Girl to Prom as Walter White

In a way, I feel bad for the girl. That's not exactly a voice you can easily say "no" to.

In One Video, David Blaine Blows Away Kanye West, Will Smith, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

A lot of David Blaine videos have been making the rounds today from his Real or Magic special last night.

‘Breaking Bad’ Was All Just a Dream During a ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Episode

A while back there was a theory that Walter White was a dream, cooked up by bored house-husband Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

David Blaine Performs Card Trick on Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Changes Their Worlds Forever

Magician David Blaine has a special coming up on ABC in which he performs illusions for celebrities. This may not sound like compelling television to

Aaron Paul Posts Tremendous Picture of Bryan Cranston (as Walter White) on Instagram

Aaron Paul posted this pic to his Instagram (@glassofwhiskey) last night with the caption "I miss this man." Don't we all. (Also, it looks like the

Anthony Hopkins Wrote Bryan Cranston an Awesome Fan Letter

Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston have been praised by everyone currently breathing the Earth’s air. But none of the plaudits mean a damn. The only

Watch Bryan Cranston Gave Amazing Life Advice on Not Giving Up

Technically this is directed at aspiring actors, but everyone can take inspiration from what Mr. Walter White had to say at this year's Oscars. Good

Bryan Cranston Reportedly Cast as Lex Luther, Making Up for Ben Affleck News

Bryan Cranston has been cast as supervillain Lex Luther in a Man of Steel sequel that will also feature Henry Cavill reprising his role of

Watch Jimmy Fallon Interview Bryan Cranston While Wearing a Very Realistic Walter White Mask

Less than a week till Breaking Bad, the Bryan Cranston late-night tour continues. This is Walt on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where he sits down with a

To Everyone’s Delight, Stephen Colbert Sat Down with Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is operating at #peakhuman right now. With the final stretch of Breaking Bad premiering next Sunday, the man is experiencing a prime that most mere

Listen to Bryan Cranston’s 911 Call Reporting the Stolen Breaking Bad Script

Awww man, someone crossed Heisenberg. He's def gon' get it now. 

‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen from Bryan Cranston’s Car is Still Missing

One guy just couldn’t wait for his Walter White fix.

‘The Journey of Walter White’ Brilliantly Chronicles Heisenberg’s Tumultuous Story

WARNING: Obvious spoilers. 

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 8: ‘Gliding Over All’

As Heisenberg fades back to reality, reality hits Walter White. HARD.

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 7: ‘Say My Name’

Walter White’s ego has been on the rise for quite sometime now. Finally checked, is the moment where he starts to break?

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Buyout’

If last week’s hour ended with a BANG, this week’s installment packed round after round of emotionally ruthless heat. ‘Buyout,’ a brilliantly paced, versatile, and

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 5: ‘Dead Freight’

We’re hitting the stretch run now, and BOY OH BOY IS SH*T GOING DOWN. For a show that’s always thrown morality out the window, tonight

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) Lost His Virginity to a Hooker

Ah, virginity stories. Most are awkward as f*ck, some are high school relationship vomit-inducers, and a select few are beyond epic. As if there were

First Clip From Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Has Hit The Web

Here's an unexpected surprise for all you Walter White worshippers--the first real look at the final chapter of AMC's meth epic.