Samuel L. Jackson

‘Die Hard 6′ will be a thing — Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson to star in said thing


Fox pictures confirmed this morning they're interested in a Die Hard 6 script.

who is Bruce Willis dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Bruce Willis


How have we done 70 of these alleged dating histories and not taken a look at Bruce Willis' list of girlfriends, wives, and flings.

Sylvester Stallone twitter

Sylvester Stallone called Bruce Willis greedy and lazy


Looks like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone won't be exchanging Christmas cards this year after Sly went on Twitter and called Willis "greedy and lazy.

Tracy Morgan

Denzel and Marky Mark are best buddy cops in ‘2 Guns’ red band trailer


The 2 Guns red band trailer steps up the banter and the action.

Mary Louise Parker

Bruce Willis almost shot Mary-Louise Parker


Mary-Louise Parker told a story on Conan about Bruce Willis shooting a prop gun to kill a bee that was next to her face.

red 2 trailer

‘Red 2′ trailer is here for the early bird special


Red was a surprise hit in 2010, and Bruce Willis is back with his merry band of senior citizen spies for a sequel.

Ray Stevenson

Blazed Movie Review: ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’


I can't smoke pot at home anymore because a cartoon fireman told me not to once.

Tom Cruise

8 aging action stars that can still bring it


You don't have to be a muscle-bound meathead from the 80s to be an action star anymore (though it doesn't hurt) and you certainly don't have to be young anymore.

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