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Watch This Badass 5-Year-Old Kid Perfectly Imitate Bruce Lee’s Nunchuk Scene From ‘Game Of Death’


This 5-year-old boy from Japan might be the next Bruce Lee based on this YouTube video of him recreating a scene from Game of Death, right down to the yellow jumpsuit.

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7 Bruce Lee quotes to get you feeling motivated


Bruce Lee was without question one of the baddest men to ever walk the planet.

UFC video game

Bruce Lee will be a badass playable character in the new UFC video game


EA Sports has been hard at work on the next iteration of their UFC video game and as you'll see in this new trailer you play as none other than Bruce Lee.

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‘Grandmaster’ trailer kicks ass in a flash


The first English trailer for The Grandmaster tells us that before IP Man can train Bruce Lee, he must first become Barney Stinson.

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CGI Bruce Lee stars in Johnnie Walker commercial


Bruce Lee was brought back to life in a new ad for Johnnie Walker Blue.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Has the Best Bruce Lee Story Ever


Jackie Chan tells the story about the time when he was a young actor and his idol, Bruce Lee, accidentally struck him in the head during the filming of Enter the Dragon.

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‘The Grandmaster’ trailer: you’re always right if you can fight


The Grandmaster, a chronicle of Bruce Lee's eventual teacher, Ip Man, already debuted in China, but we are just now getting the first US trailer.

Wong Kar Wai

‘The Grandmaster’ trailer looks great


Wong Kar-Wai and a classic tale of martial arts mastery.

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Must See Imagery: Thursday


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Way of the Dragon video game

It’s Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, in pseudo-video game form


If anyone was to actually make a Way of the Dragon video game, it would look a lot like this.


Bruce Lee gets an autotune song ‘Be Water My Friend’


It's hard not to look at this Bruce Lee autotune song and think of the PBS autotunes that have been in vogue this summer.

Woody Allen

15 celebrities you didn’t know were atheist

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Okay, by now pretty much the whole world knows that Ricky Gervais is an atheist (and thank God for that).

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