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10 New Fitness Studies With Conclusions That May Shock You

Alex Nerney here. My favorite study is how they concluded that female porn stars are happier than regular women. Solid science here and it will help

“To Bulk First or Cut First, That Is the Question” - Shakespeare

Like Good and Evil, Ying and Yang, the health and fitness world is polarized by two opposite forces, always competing for your undivided attention –

8 Funny and Effective Ways to Stay Motivated for the Gym

Working out is hard work, and the desire to lapse into a Dominos-fuelled coma and forget weights even exist is a tempting prospect for many—but

The Truth About Steroids and Other Things Fitness Professionals Lie to You About

Someone who has chosen to train people to look good as a PROFESSION, might be a slight indicator to the type

How to Get Killer Washboard Abs, Bro

Welcome to Abdomogeddon. Here we can finally accomplish the goal of getting you a washboard that that is so fucking shredded,

10 Common Mistakes At The Gym

Dom has a rookie mistakes video, Tatro has a gym etiquette video. So, why not beat a dead horse till you

8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Through The Roof

Naturally boosting your testosterone will get you so yoked that people will literally vomit on themselves as you pass by. Ok..

5 Nutritional Supplements Every Bro Needs

There are really only 5 supplements that you should consider taking. 

8 Drinking Tips Every Fitness Bro Should Know

Let's be honest, you're not giving up alcohol. Alcohol has the magical ability to make you feel invincible and improve your game to really, really,

5 Fitness Myths That Are Holding You Back

I remember the Internet the way it used to be. Windows 98' taking 20 minutes to dial-up while we waited anxiously to play sloth-like computer