game of thrones chill bro rankings

Who Were The Chillest Bros On Sunday’s ‘Game Of Thrones?’

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We're a day late, but no less chill with our Game of Thrones Chill Bro Rankings.


What If There Was A Yoga Specifically For Us Bros? Introducing Broga!


There is a misconception that yoga is a girl activity.

game of thrones chill bro rankings

Who Were The Chillest Bros On This Week’s Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones?’

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Not a lot of chill on last night's episode of Game of Thrones, but there were still some chill bros.

silicon valley

Did You Know That The ‘Bro App’ From Last Night’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Is A Real App?

By | 2 Comments

While watching last night's episode of Silicon Valley, my ears quickly perked up when I heard the Pied Piper gang cracking jokes about a Bro app.


New Scientific Analysis Has Pinpointed The Exact Year Men Started CRUSHING IT On Planet Earth

By | 8 Comments

Scientists have pinpointed the start of the Anthropocene, which is when Bros became boss.

living the dream

Once A Year These Bros Reunite For An Epic ‘Man Weekend’ And Holy Hell We Need To Start Doing This


You can take the bro out of college, but you can't take the college out of the bro.

being a bro

Man Wakes Up To Find Passed Out Bro Covered In Vomit In His Dining Room


A man was found in a dining room, passed out and covered in vomit.

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