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President Obama Taps a Bro for Federal Chairmanship

Today, President Obama nominated a Bro to be Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A Bro Details His “Groomsmen Draft” With a Unique Spoof Video

This guy.

A Feminist Rag Tried to Define Every Bro in America and… We Kinda Agree With Them

America the Bro-tiful

The 10 Types of Dudes at Every Bachelor Party

Every Bro knows these Bros.

Bros Catch 14ft Hammerhead Shark Off Beach, Take Photos With It

Bros bein Bros, dragging hammerhead sharks onto the beach, taking a few profile-pic-worthy photos and releasing that son of a bitch back into the wild.

16-Year-Old Sneaks Past Sleeping Security Guard and Climbs to Top of World Trade Center

A 16-year-old sneaked past a conked-out security guard and climbed to the 104th floor of the World Trade Center on Sunday night.

Little Bro Makes the Best Possible Face While Looking at the SI Swimsuit Edition

This kid's going to go far in life. I can sense it.

One-Armed High School Bro Sinks Halfcourt Shot, Donates Winnings to Cancer Research

Hell of a guy.

BroApp Is the App to Hide From Your Boys the Fact You Are in Love

Man, have you ever been out with your buddies and just wanted to text your girlfriend, to let her know [...]

The Guy Who Wasn’t Bro Enough to Party with the D.C. Craigslist Bros Sent Us an Awesome Rebuttal

Remember these Bros? Of course you do. How could you forget guys who want to chug Evan Williams at an [...]

DC Bros Post Craigslist Ad Looking for Dope New Bro Friends (Are You Bro Enough to Be Their Friend?)

Bros! Do you like to party? And when I say party, I don’t mean party like go to a bar, [...]

Watch a Gnarly Bro Shred a Sick, 80-Foot Wave

This is sick, brah. Andrew Cotton went after this massive, 80-foot wave in Nazaré, Portugal, going for the Billabong XXL Ride [...]

Your 2014 Polar Vortex Spirit Animal Is This Supercut of Every Mr. Freeze Pun in ‘Batman & Robin’

Record low temperatures are about to hit all of America tonight. Get pumped for it with every pun Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered as Hugo Freeze

Watch the Third Episode of ‘Bros’ as the Guys Take on Santacon

When we last met the bros of our favorite web series, uh, Bros, its characters tried, and failed, to find love in their natural habitat of New York's Murray

10 Untamable Bros In Pop Culture

Some men can’t be tamed. They burn brighter than all the rest and care not for your rules. They march to the beat of their

5 Things Bros Can’t Do With Other Bros

Notice I didn’t say, “shouldn’t.” It’s social pressure that prevents men from doing these things together. Do any one of them with another bro, and

8 Humans Who Bros Shouldn’t Trust

Bros get along with just about everyone. Except these people. Beware of these people. If your friends already are these people, it’s time to put

10 College Traditions That Weren’t Meant For Bros

After all the years of high school and college, I still don’t know the answer to one of life’s more pivotal questions — is being

A Thanksgiving Guide for the Drunk and Useless

Let's be serious here. You aren't hosting Thanksgiving dinner. You are most likely male, between the ages of 18 and 40, and that

The Harvard Bros Who Pranked Yale Pulled an Even Bigger Prank on HARVARD

Hey Yale people. Wait a minute. What the fuck do you call a person who goes to Yale anyway? Do they even have a mascot?

5 Turning Points That High School Friendships Take During College

In a perfect world, we’d like to think that we’ll keep in touch with all of our high school friends once we leave for college.

These Miami Hurricane Bros Rocked Out at an Anti-Obamacare Football Tailgate Saturday

There's a debate in this country whether Florida is actually part of the American South. 

10 Reasons to Never Talk to Your Bro’s Ex

Making mistakes is part of human nature and forgiving someone for their mishaps is also a key part of being human.

The State of Colorado Launches ‘Brosurance’ Obamacare Ads Featuring Bros Broing Out

As a twenty-something who went a couple of years without health insurance after college, nothing makes me want to go get insured like seeing fratstars in

The 20 Biggest Bros In Sports

The other day we had a revelation while crushing Nattys and slinging lacrosse balls around the office: We've never published a list of the biggest

Bro Breaks His Costas, Gives Them a Proper Burial in Vine Video

Bro. As. Fuck. 

Watch the Hilarious Second Episode of ‘Bros,’ the Series About Your Life

Bros began as a short parody of HBO's Girls, reimagining Lena Dunham's first television scene as a 20-something guy telling his financially withholding

University of Michigan Bros Want to Know Where the Freshman Girls Are At

This one goes out to all the college Bros digging in for their first semester. Your life will never get any better than it is

Bro in Denver Buys His Friend the Most Incredible Billboard Ad of All Time For His Birthday

Best waste of money ever. And as far as really stupid gifts go, this one takes the cake. It doesn't take up any closet space,

15 Things You’ll Never Hear a College Bro Say

College Bros say a lot of things, most of which are very epic, or legendary, or highly sexual. But there are also a lot of

Who’s Better? Canadian Bros or American Bros? We Investigate

Last week at Osheaga, (a massive music festival in Montreal, Canada) I was tasked to ask millennial attendees, “How is

Which One of this Bro’s 105 Impressions is the Best?

In a world increasingly interested in sabremetrics, we feel inclined to give you some stats. This guy does 105 impressions in six minutes and 25

5 Friendship Violations You’ll Be Put in the Doghouse For, and How to Resolve Them

The thing about being friends with someone, particularly over a long period of time, is that you also have to be

‘Bad Sports’ with Chad Whipple Is Every Mid-Atlantic Bro Stereotype Ever

Today we're stoked to introduce the first episode of BroBible's new webseries, Bad Sports. Hosted by Chad Whipple, Bad Sports is ESPN

Teacher Bro Wears Same Sweater in Every Yearbook Photo for 40 Years

You’ve got to respect Dale Irby.

‘Bros’ Episode Two Is Coming, Plus a Preview

Around three months ago, HBO's Girls was reimagined as a tale of beer pong-playing, Game of Thrones-watching dudes. Or, Bros, I guess I should say. The

When Best Bros Break up

Watching me grow up, my father was often prompted to tell me stories of his own childhood: his successes, his failures,

Aide for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Mic-Checks Like a Champ

New Jersey is the butt of many jokes, but it does excel in the advancement of the Bro Arts. Just check out this aide for

How to Throw a Bachelor Party: The Greatest Short Film About Bros Ever Made

In four days, I’m going to be the best man in my best friend Mike’s wedding. Everything is ready: My tux

Bros Give Homeless Man With a Weird Talent $3,000 After Successful Fundraise Campaign

At the end of March we posted about a group of Bros who met a homeless man with a really weird talent. After they made