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Our Bros of the Week Are Getting Kisses from Hooters Girls

J.Camm was out on the golf course on Friday when he would usually have been laboring over writing up the Bros of the Week, so

We’ve Got Ourselves a Tie at the Top in this Edition of Bros of the Week

I've got a confession. On Fridays I never bring my computer charger with me. I do this on purpose so I can leave when the

Big Time Players Make Big Time Plays in Our Bros of the Week

First thing's first. Rob Gronkowski isn't making the list this week. Sorry, Rob. The omission isn't because I hate the Pats or that he put

Pouring One Out for J. Camm, Our Injured Hero

Breaking news from BroBible HQ: J. Camm is out of the lineup indefinitely (or at least until next week) after suffering several cracked ribs in

Ten Years Later We Remember 9/11 In Our Bro of the Week

Who can forget where they we’re that day when the Twin Towers fell, and in an instant, our entire country was momentarily brought to its

Our Bros of the Week Flipped a Car Over to Save a Pregnant Woman’s Life

As you can see, we've got some noble sh*t going down in this week's edition of the Bro of the Week. In my humblest opinion,

Our Bro Biggest Bros of the Week List Ever

We had a ton of candidates for this week's list and after much deliberation (seconds worth of it), I decided to just torture myself and

Chivalry Takes Top Honors in Our Bro of the Week

With the exception of DeShawn, it's honestly hard to rank these guys in any particular order. All of them were practically blood relatives of Rick

Once Lost at Sea, Our Bros of the Week Are Now Safe and Sound

Here are this week's most noteworthy Bros. 5. Tom Brady When a quarterback plays a statistically perfect game on Thanksgiving he deserves a spot on the list.

Saluting This Week’s Most Notable Bros

Week in and week out, the Bro of the Week is the one column that I truly enjoy writing. And by that, I mean I f*cking hate

Hot Shots and a Pot Entrepreneur Vie for Bro of the Week

It's about that time, friends. Time to call it a f*ckin' week. So shut your brains down, drink so much that you shit our brains

Outstanding Performances, Surprise Appearances, and Rants Vie for Bro of the Week Honors

The weekend is finally here and it is time once again to crown our Bro of the Week. The way this works is that five

The Bros of the Week Do It in Style

Time to round up the best of the best from the last week; counting down to one victorious bastard (or a collection of them) ,who